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The Twelve Days of Art Books




On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

A book of global street photography.




On the second day of Christmas, I gave to my true love

A book about O’Keeffe and Arthur Dove.




On the third day of Christmas, I gave to my big bro’

A book of letters from Vincent van Gogh.




On the fourth day of Christmas, to my crafty little sis

A book on flowers, birds, and naturalists.


3734 Pop Departures Jacketcrow cover


On the fifth day of Christmas for my friends at the coffee shop

Two books on Pop!


islamic rugs


On the sixth day of Christmas I gave my uncle Doug

A guide to understanding Islamic rugs.

 flowers cover

On the seventh day of Christmas, I gave my best friend’s wife

A book on painting flowers as still life.



On the eighth day of Christmas, I gave to my best friend

The Art and Architecture of Ireland.

Ogata cover final (1)


On the ninth day of Christmas, to my cousin with two boys

I gave a book on Swedish wooden toys.


William Morris Anarchy and Beauty


On the tenth day of Christmas, to my friend who lives in the forest

I gave a book on the designs of William Morris.




On the eleventh day of Christmas, to those dear parents of mine

I gave the grandest history of design.

Four Centuries of Quilts


On the twelfth day of Christmas my friends all gave to me

A book on quilts of the past four centuries


…history of design…

…designs of William Morris…

…Swedish wooden toys….

…art of Ireland…

…flowers as still life…

…Islamic rugs…

…two books on Pop!

…flowers birds and naturalists…

…Vincent van Gogh…

…O’Keeffe and Arthur Dove…

…and a book of global street photography!

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