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What SUP From Your Favorite University Presses, February 6, 2015

We know you’ve missed us! Our weekly roundup of news from university presses is back with updates from our fellow academic publishing houses. There much to learn on What SUP at the social university presses, we hope your 2015 has been educational thus far. This week, we found new book and prize giveaways, as well as posts on American foreign policy, mountaineering inspirations and the fluidity of sexuality! What did you read this week?


Temple University Press will be hosting its first live twitter chat on the topic “Will a woman run for president in 2016? If so, what role might gender play in her campaign or the campaigns of her opponents? this February.

Indiana University Press is celebrating the launch of their new book The Year’s Work at the Zombie Research Center and the season 5 premier of The Walking Dead by giving away a zombie prize package.

John Hopkins University Press shared a blog post that explored how America responds to casualties and what France can learn from it after the recent Paris attacks.

University of Georgia Press is having a giant white sale with discounts on books across several genres!

The Chicago University Press reflected on President Obama’s State of the Union speech with reference to the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City.

University of Nebraska Press contemplated on what draws mountaineers to risk their lives in the icy mountains following the disastrous accidents of 2014.

Columbia University Press is giving away copies of their featured book  Who’s Afraid of Academic Freedom?  

New York University Press explored the fluidity of male sexuality compared to female sexuality and challenged generations old perceptions in this regard.

Duke University Press covered the 2014 American Dialect Society Word of the year vote, this year for the first time, a hashtag #blacklivesmatter won!

Stanford University Press outlined how it was to publish The Shared Society, a book by former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo.

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