What SUP From Your Favorite University Presses, March 6, 2015

Welcome to our weekly roundup of news from university presses! Once again, there is a lot to share this week from our fellow academic publishing houses and much to learn on What SUP at the social university presses. This week, we found conversations on basketball in China, psychedelic brews, and of course, #thedress. What did you read this week?


Duke University Press looked at the history of basketball as well as the rise of the fame of black basketball players in China.

Fordham University Press is having a Spring Book Sale.

Harvard University Press contributed to the ongoing debate on the potential nuclear agreement with Iran with an excerpt from Nuclear Iran, providing a short overview of Iran’s nuclear program.

Columbia University Press interviewed Michel Hockx, author of Internet Literature in China, discussing the “Great Firewall” and censorship in China.

Princeton University Press contribute more scientific evidence to the debate about #thedress.

Stanford University Press explored how the growing price tag changes the notion of going to college for many, sharing a video interview with the co-editor of Remaking College.

University of Chicago Press is giving away a free e-book  for the month of march : Freud’s Couch, Scott’s Buttocks, Brontë’s Grave by Simon Goldhill.

New York University Press explored the history of ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic and psychedelic brew and its use by spiritual natives that has caught on as a new craze among Brooklyn hipsters.

Oxford University Press explored the relationship between country music and the press, explaining how music journalists have shaped the discussion of the genre.

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