Happy birthday, Vincent van Gogh – hip, hip, hip, hoera!

9780300209471Throughout the month of March we featured excerpts from our recently-published collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, a beautiful volume (deemed a best art book of 2014 by the Huffington Post) of van Gogh’s letters entitled Ever Yours: The Essential Lettersedited by Leo Jansen, Hans Luijten, and Nienke Bakker. We posted letters on the same day of the month on which they were originally penned — 3/10/1888, 3/3/1883, and 3/20/1884, and 3/25/1888.

Today, in honor of the artist’s birthday (March 30, 1853), we’ve pulled off the shelves not just Ever Yours but also a number of other recent and forthcoming books on van Gogh, such as…

9780300190823Van Gogh Repetitions, by Eliza E. Rathbone, William H. Robinson, Elizabeth Steele, and Marcia Steele and with contributions by Sylvia Albro, H. Travers Newton, and Galina K. Olmsted. This book accompanied an exhibition at the Phillips Collection and Cleveland Museum of Art, won an honorable mention in the photography/art category at the 2013 New England Book Festival, and was reviewed by Cornelia Homburg in the Art Newspaper, where she wrote, ““Beautiful . . . the kind of book that is both accesVan Gogh jacketsible to a general public and valuable to the researcher.”

Cornelia Homburg knows whereof she speaks; her own Van Gogh: Up Close, which accompanied an exhibition that originated with the National Gallery of Canada, was described by Jackie Wullschlager in the Financial Times “A sumptuous, enlightening, erudite volume.”

And we’ve jus9780300212129t brought to the US a book from Belgian publisher Mercatorfonds: Van Gogh: The Birth of an Aritst edited by Sjraar van Heugten and with contributions by Marije Vellekoop, Leo Jansen, Bart Moens, Pierre Tilly, Pierre-Olivier Laloux, Bruno Vouters, and Marcel Daloze. This fascinating book is focused on the time van Gogh spent in Belgium in his mid-twenties, during which period he decided to become an artist.

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