What SUP From Your Favorite University Presses, May 22, 2015

Welcome to our weekly roundup of news from university presses! Once again, there is a lot to share this week from our fellow academic publishing houses and much to learn on What SUP at the social university presses. This week, we found conversations on revolutionary blackness and American higher education as well as free eBooks. What did you read this week?

Columbia University Press discussed the deep link between PTSD and substance addiction that still remains a concept of research in the scientific world.

Duke University Press discussed the finale episode of the TV series Mad Men.

New York University Press celebrated Haitian Flag Day by talking about revolutionary blackness and efforts to combat white supremacy.

Harvard University Press addressed the issues of American higher education in a culinary fashion.

Oxford University Press explored the occurrence of Traumatic Brain Injury in the military.

John Hopkins University Press shared a guest post that discussed the importance of surgery in public health specially in developing countries.

Stanford University Press explored the importance of interacting with our neighbors and community in all aspects of life.

Temple University Press addressed Hillary Clinton and the recent debates on income inequality.

University of Chicago Press is giving away free ebooks of Don’t Look, Don’t Touch, Don’t Eat: The Science behind Revulsion. Download now!

University of North Carolina Press explained the need for Hollywood to produce an accurate portrayal of the Anglo-Cherokee War.


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