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What SUP From Your Favorite University Presses, August 7th, 2015

Welcome to our weekly roundup of news from university presses! Once again, there is a lot to share this week from our fellow academic publishing houses and much to learn on What SUP at the social university presses. This week, we found conversations on transportation, nuclear weapons, and The Daily Show. What did you read this week?

University of North Carolina Press explores middle-class motorcycle culture.

Princeton University Press remembers moral philosopher Harry Frankfurt’s appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, whose sixteen-year run ended this week.

Oxford University Press thinks about the significance of end-of-life counseling and Medicare.

Columbia University Press examines the intersection of racism and religion with a look at perceptions of Santería in Cuba.

University of Chicago Press tells the story of a deadly wildfire in Montana.

Stanford University Press reflects on the dangers of a world with nuclear weapons.

University Press of Colorado describes how cities can rely less on automobiles and more on alternative methods of transportation.

University of Nebraska Press excerpts a section from their book Grizzly West, on the effort to conserve the grizzly bear population.

NYU Press remembers the genocide of the Herero in South-West Africa.

MIT Press explains the idea of artificial life.

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