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Earth Month Reading List 2024

First observed on April 22nd, 1970, Earth Day mobilizes support for environmental protection across the globe. Earth Month emerged in 1990, reconizing the global impact of Earth Day. Celebrate Earth Month with a selection of must-reads from Yale University Press on climate change and environmental activism.

Not in My Backyard
How Citizen Activists Nationalized Local Politics in the Fight to Save Green Springs

Brian Balogh

How a woman-led citizens’ group beat a Southern political machine by enlisting federal bureaucrats and judges to protect their neighborhood from unchecked economic development

Water for All
Global Solutions for a Changing Climate

Barbara D. Savage

A fresh look at the world’s water crises, and the existing and emerging solutions that can be used to solve them

Climate Change from the Streets
How Conflict and Collaboration Strengthen the Environmental Justice Movement

Michael Mendez

An urgent and timely story of the contentious politics of incorporating environmental justice into global climate change policy

Confronting Climate Gridlock
How Diplomacy, Technology, and Policy Can Unlock a Clean Energy Future

Daniel S. Cohan
Foreword by Michael E. Webber

An atmospheric scientist explains why global climate change mitigation and energy decarbonization demand American diplomacy, technology, and policy

The Long Land War
The Global Struggle for Occupancy Rights

Jo Guldi

A definitive history of ideas about land redistribution, allied political movements, and their varied consequences around the world

A Journey through Science and Politics

Paul R. Ehrlich

A renowned scientist and environmental advocate looks back on a life that has straddled the worlds of science and politics

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