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Jean Thomson Black

Senior Executive Editor for Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Medicine

Using the lenses of life, biomedical, and cognitive sciences, and environmental issues, I publish books that address concerns about the history and fate of life on earth and human health and welfare. Under this umbrella, focal points include (but are not limited to) natural history, ecology and evolutionary biology, ornithology, the history of science and medicine, and environmental history, for general readers, scholars, and students. We aim to consolidate knowledge, stimulate dialogue, and advocate for change.

I oversee the Yale Agrarian Studies Series, the Terry Lectures Series, the Yale University Press Health and Wellness imprint, and co-publications with the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. Among the authors I have published are Peter Singer, Marilynne Robinson, John Polkinghorne, Susan Solomon, Tony Angell, John M. Marzluff, William Nordhaus, James C. Scott, Peter J. Hatch, Irwin M. Brodo, Stephen Sharnoff, Stanley B. Prusiner, Michal Schwartz, James Gustave Speth, Peter Crane, and Richard Conniff.

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Jean Thomson Black