Jennifer Banks

Executive Editor for Religion, Classics, Philosophy, Literature, and Psychology

I oversee a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary list in the humanities that has included books on religion, classics, philosophy, and intellectual and cultural history, with a strong literary dimension and with occasional intersections with psychology. I am particularly interested in imaginative, well-written work that privileges subjects over disciplines in such areas as world religions, biography, biblical studies, Jewish studies, ethics, moral psychology, the psychology of religion, and education and children’s literature. I am also interested in practical books on research and writing.

My authors have included Leo Damrosch, Harold Bloom, Leila Ahmed, Garry Wills, Christopher Ricks, Robert Louis Wilken, Willie James Jennings, Paula Fredriksen, Miroslav Volf, David Bentley Hart, Stephen Batchelor, Thomas Tweed, and Christopher Bollas, among many others.

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Twitter: @jenniferabanks


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