Jennifer Banks

Senior Executive Editor for Religion and the Humanities

I oversee an eclectic, interdisciplinary list in religion and the humanities that privileges imaginative, well-written, and rigorously researched work. I am interested in books that explore under-examined areas of human experience, make surprising connections, and offer original interpretations. Areas of interest include religiosity across traditions and time periods, ethics, aesthetics, poetry, philosophy, literary essays, and biography.

Books forthcoming in 2021 include Paula Cohen on Shakespeare and empathy, Susan Bernofsky on Robert Walser, Nathaniel Deutsch and Michael Casper on Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg, Sarah Ruden and Susanna Braund on The Aeneid, Leila Ahmed and Kecia Ali on women and Islam, Meghan O’Rourke and The Yale Review contributors on the pandemic lockdown, and Kevin Madigan on anti-Protestantism is fascist Italy, among many others

Email Jennifer:
Twitter: @jenniferabanks


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