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Jessie Kindig

Senior Editor for Humanities

I oversee a wide-ranging list of smart, serious, literary nonfiction in the humanities meant to engage a wide and interdisciplinary readership. I work with authors in and out of the academy, scholars and journalists, activists and poets, lyric essayists and choreographers, dramaturgs and writers who leave genre behind.

Thematically, my acquisitions center on subjects and approaches drawn from American Studies, African American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and the performing arts (dance, theater, music, performance art). I am especially interested in books that consider the inequities of race, gender, colonialism, and class, or attend to the longer histories of violence we have all been bequeathed.

Stylistically, I’m interested in writers who have a clear stake—aesthetic, political, literary, intellectual—in their work, writers whose feeling, urgency, sometimes love comes through; I’m also interested in books that are both well-researched, rigorous products of years of scholarship as well as urgent interventions, stylish and jazzy essays, incisive approaches to big, current ideas.

I am the editor for the Black Lives Series, the Yale Series of Younger Poets, and the Yale Drama Series.

Note that I do not acquire: fiction, memoir, or poetry other than the Yale Series of Younger Poets prize winner.

Email: jessie.kindig@yale.edu