Ainsworth, Maryan Wynn

Maryan Wynn Ainsworth is curator in the Department of European Paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

  • Maryan W. Ainsworth and Joshua P. Waterman; With contributions by Timothy B. Husband and Karen Thomas, with Dorothy Mahon, Charlotte Hale, George Bisacca, and Peter Klein

    06/18/2013, Cloth
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    ISBN: 9780300148978
  • Jan Gossart's Renaissance: The Complete Works

    Edited by Maryan W. Ainsworth; Maryan W. Ainsworth, Stijn Alsteens, and Nadine M. Orenstein; With contributions by Lorne Campbell, Ethan Matt Kavaler, Peter Klein, and Stephanie Schrader

    11/09/2010, Cloth
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    ISBN: 9780300166576