The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 5

Volume 5: Apocalyptic Writings

Jonathan Edwards; Edited by Stephen J. Stein

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September 10, 1977
481 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
ISBN: 9780300019452

This edition presents the first text of Jonathan Edwards’ private commentary on the book of Revelation. Written over a period of thirty-five years, Edwards’ notebook reveals his lifelong fascination with apocalyptic speculation (including its bizarre aspects) and his persistent conviction concerning the usefulness of the visions in the life of the Christian church.
In this volume is also published the first complete edition (since the eighteenth century) of the Humble Attempt (1748)—the call for united prayer that was Edwards’ response to the decline in religious fervor after the Great Awakening. In his Introduction and commentary, Stephen J. Stein examines the development of Edwards’ apocalyptic interests in the light of the situation in the eighteenth century, showing also how Edwards’ private judgments on the book of Revelation affected his personal and theological activity. Together the texts and the Introduction illuminate a hitherto inadequately explored facet of Edwards’ religious thought.
With this volume, the Yale edition of the Works of Jonathan Edwards inaugurates the publication of Edwards’ major manuscripts. Here, and in subsequent volumes, the massive body of Edwards’ manuscripts materials (including letter, sermons, and Miscellanies) will be made available for the first time.
Stephen J. Stein is associate professor of religious studies at Indiana University.

"The Jonathan Edwards Project is the first of its kind—a comprehensive, exhaustive effort to produce an online archive of all of Edwards' sermons, treatises, letters and musings to serve the needs of anyone who cares to know the man. To date, no other university or institute has attempted to transcribe, computerize and then post online the complete works of any one historical figure. . . . Though he may never attain the rock-star status of George Washington, with the Yale project, Edwards will live forever.—Adrian Brune, Hartford Courant

"This is an invaluable study. It provides fresh insight into another aspect of the theology of Jonathan Edwards in a new edition of his works. It provides materials which can be utilized in the studies of the millennial concepts in American colonial religion. We are indebted to Professor Stein for his work in compiling this helpful volume."—Bill J. Leonard,
Review and Expositor

"[This volume is] learnedly and effectively edited, with ample introductions, notes, and appendices."—American Literature

"It would be difficult to exaggerate Stein's diligence, thoroughness, and prodigious scholarship."—Edwin S. Gaustad, Journal of American History

"One simply must assume that every academic library has a standing order for the Yale edition of Jonathan Edwards. . . . This fifth volume provides us with the authentic text of Edwards's An humble attempt . . . and supplies also his "Notes on the Apocalypse," which is the first of many manuscripts to appear in print. . . . Bound attractively and uniformly with the other volumes in the Yale edition, the book can serve undergraduate and scholar alike."—Choice

"As a commentary on Revelation, Edwards' notebook offers a mixture of useful insights and quaint anachronisms. As a source for understanding the profound impact of biblical eschatology upon American theology and American self-understanding in colonial times, this book is rich indeed."—Interpretation

"Edwards' thorough and continuous dipping into the well springs of apocalyptic speculation further confirms the importance of this mode of thinking for the study of American history and religion as noted forty years ago by H. Richard Niebuhr in The Kingdom of God in America. This volume helps form an important chapter in the ongoing revision of Edwardsian scholarship."—Rodney L. Petersen, The Princeton Seminary Bulletin

"This is a superbly prepared, definitive volume that will be appreciated by Edwards scholars for years to come."—Religious Studies
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