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Ledgers and Prices

Early Mesopotamian Merchant Accounts

Daniel C. Snell

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September 10, 1982
283 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
ISBN: 9780300025170

Trade and economic life of the Ur III period (2112-2004 B.C.E.) is here revealed through a study of documents in cuneiform, the remains of a complex Mesopotamian bureaucracy that meticulously recorded many of its activities.

"Meticulously researched. . . . A valuable contribution that will enable the economic historian to begin to study early Mesopotamian society on the solid basis."—Miguel Civil, The Journal of Economic History

"This is an important contribution to the economic history of antiquity as a whole. It will be of interest to those studying the history of accounting, business practices, money, merchants, bureaucracy, and the role of the state in trade, as well as to those interested in economic and historical theory and related subjects."—Marvin A. Powell, Journal of the American Oriental Society
Near Eastern Researches Series
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The Personal Tidennutu Contract and Its Mesopotamian Analogues

Barry L. Eichler

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