Richard Cobden

A Victorian Outsider

Wendy Hinde

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"A rich, colorful, variegated, entertaining, and rambling account of one of the most buoyant, confident, self-reliant, public spirited of middle-class Victorians."—David Roberts, Albion









"[A] sensitive and readable biography."—Gareth Stedman Jones, Listener

"[An] admirable study."—Ronald Blythe, Country Life

"Mrs. Hinde is an accomplished biographer. . . . She has a complete grasp of her period, in all its intricacies. She has mastered important original sources, as well as what is already in print, and has written a fine and lively account of an outstanding man."—Economist

"This is the first comprehensive life of a notable nineteenth-century figure to be based on a full survey of his papers. It is admirably written and is a major contribution to the history of the period."—Robert Blake, The Sunday Telegraph

"It is concise while still being full, sympathetic while remaining judicious, and is extremely well written."—Virginia Quarterly Review

"Hinde's book is beyond question the most satisfying portrait of Cobden we have yet been given."—
Norman Gash, Times Literary Supplement 

"[An] admirable biography. . . . It takes its place as the best available account of her subject."—Choice

"It is a special merit of Wendy Hinde's biography that it succeeds in conveying a little of Cobden's elusive and admirable personality."—Alan Bell, Literary Review 

"A readable and solid contribution to our knowledge of British political culture. . . . This is a remarkable, even unique story, and Wendy Hinde tells it well."—Norman Stone, The Sunday Times

"A thoroughly competent and readable new biography."—J. Enoch Powell, Spectator

"The first worthy biography of this truly great man to appear since Morley's in 1879."—Terence de Vere White, Irish Times

"A fine and discerning new biography of Richard Cobden, based on meticulous research and written with style and grace."—Richard W. Davis, American Historical Review

"[A] substantial re-examination of the career of this prominent radical politician."—Norman McCord, Manchester History Review

"Extremely useful in redirecting attention to one of the nineteenth century's most fascinating political figures."—P. J. Cain, History and Archaeology Review  

"A supple, closely documented synthesis which offers a challenging reinterpretation of post-1920s feminism. Indispensable for scholars and general readers, this book will define the debate over feminist strategies and ideology for years to come."—Gerda Lerner, Robinson-Edwards Professor, Sr. Distinguished Research Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
ISBN: 9780300038804
Publication Date: September 10, 1987
367 pages, 6 1/2 x 9 1/4
14 b/w illus.