Philosophy in World Perspective

A Comparative Hermeneutic of the Major Theories

David A. Dilworth

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July 24, 1989
240 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
ISBN: 9780300043570

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"A very ambitious project but one that deserves closer scrutiny. What gives Dilworth’s efforts a certain a priori credibility is that he takes the immortal classics seriously."—Spectrum Review

"David Dilworth is widely known for pioneering the translation of Japanese philosophers like Nishida Kitaro, Watsuji Tetsuro, and Fukuzawa Yukichi. When Dilworth turns his hand to compare world philosophies, Asian philosophers sit up and take note, expecting much from his rich background in Japanese texts. . . . This is a provocative and challenging book: far-reaching in scope and implication, worldwide in its vision, yet inescapably Aristotelian in its grounding. It is to be hoped that it will acquaint more Western reader with Chinese philosophy, while spurring Asian thinkers to offer counterproposals about the crucial issues of philosophy in their respective traditions and the best methods to compare them."—Carl Becker, Journal of Asian Studies

"The work opens new interpretive possibilities for intra- and inter- textual reflection on a grand scale."—Edith Wyschogrod, Queens College

"Philosophers East or West should buy and read this book."—Robert Magnolia, Tamkang University and National Taiwan University, Taiwan