Hsiung's Diagnostic Virology

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As Illustrated by Light and Electron Microscopy
Fourth Edition

G. D. Hsiung, Caroline K. Y. Fong, and Marie L. Landry

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This generously illustrated book, the fourth edition of the highly acclaimed Diagnostic Virology, is a handbook for the recognition and characterization of virus-induced cellular changes seen by light microscopy, as well as virus morphology seen by electron microscopy. The authors cover all aspects of the subject, from specimen collection and laboratory safety to virus isolation and identification and cell culture. This edition includes a new chapter on the human retroviruses, especially relevant since the onset of the AIDS epidemic, and expands the chapters on the arboviruses and hepatitis viruses. 

G. D. Hsiung is Director Emeritus, Virology Reference Laboratory, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, West Haven, Connecticut, and Professor Emeritus of laboratory medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine. Carolyn K.Y. Fong is Section Chief, General Diagnostic Virology, Virology Reference Laboratory, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, West Haven, Connecticut, and Research Scientist of Laboratory Medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine. Marie L. Landry is Director of the Clinical Virology Laboratory, Yale New Haven Hospital, Director of the Virology Reference Laboratory, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Medicine (Infectious Diseases) at the Yale University School of Medicine.

"This is the only book I know that is readily comprehensible to individuals without previous experience in virology and still essential as a handbook at the laboratory bench for those with virology backgrounds. The book's directions and illustrations are clear, readable, and easily followed. They include techniques for isolating rarely seen viruses and extensive photographs of cytopathic effects induced by viruses in cultured cells. No other books on the market include this detailed information in such a simple, concise format."—Helen L. Lucia, M.D., University of Mississippi Medical Center

"Instructors and supervisors of virology laboratory personnel will find this book an invaluable aid for instruction, and medical laboratory virologists will find it a convenient reference in their work."—Marion K. Cooney, American Society for Microbiology News

"A major comprehensive guide for all who may be interested in diagnostic and experimental virology. The book can be readily used, in addition, as a handbook for virus recognition and characterization, and as a teaching guide for virology classroom use. . . . This book should be well received by individuals representing a rather large range of virologic interests, but should be of particular value for those desiring detailed methodologies for diagnostic virology."—R.W. Sidwell, Chemotherapy (on the earlier edition)

"This book should serve as a valuable teaching and laboratory guide for medical virology in addition to providing a much-needed and functional reference resource for diagnostic laboratorians."—Robert R. Gilfillan, American Scientist

"This reference book contains a collection of basic procedures and photographs useful for the detection and diagnosis of human viral infections. Few, if any, other sources contain as complete a description of techniques as well as photographic representations of the effects of viruses on various indicator host cell types. . . . This work should be a useful resource book for the clinical virology laboratory with excellent quality photos and easy to follow, complete procedures used in classic diagnostic virology."—Jerry Lynn Taylor, Doody's Annual

"An excellent overview for training new virology laboratory personnel. . . . Instructors and supervisors of virology laboratory personnel will find this book an invaluable visual aid for instruction."—Maurice W. Harmon, The Quarterly Review of Biology (on the earlier edition)

"This book will be most useful to workers in virology laboratories and in particularly to medical and other students of virology and can be highly recommended."—J.H.S. Gear, South African Medical Journal (on the earlier edition)
ISBN: 9780300058451
Publication Date: June 22, 1994
404 pages, 7 x 10
133 b/w + 24 color illus.