Understanding Health Care Reform

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Theodore R. Marmor

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The reform of American medical care is the most important topic on the nation's domestic agenda and the centerpiece of the Clinton administration's plans for social policy and long-term economic development. This book, written by a preeminent analyst of medical politics and policy who is a frequent adviser to Congress, helps to clarify the current debate over the President's bill and the proposed alternatives to it. It is essential reading for 1994.

Theodore Marmor, whose work has appeared in scholarly journals and books, as well as in the nation's major newspapers and magazines, here presents some of his most recent writings that illuminate the historical, political, and economic considerations lying behind various proposals now under debate. Marmor explains what we can and cannot expect from reform of American medicine, and he addresses the many conflicting claims about the remedies for America's problems with medical costs, quality, access, and organizations. He discusses, for example:

—the misplaced faith that cutting waste will greatly ease our financial troubles and markedly improve our health;

—the exaggerated arguments for "managed competition";

—the myths that either non-profit or for-profit institutions are the key to reform;

—the misleading and fearful debate over rationing;

—the lessons to be learned from Canada's and Japan's experiments with universal health insurance;

—the controversial place of Medicare in the current reform struggle;

—barriers facing implementation of any of the major health care proposals;

—and the possibility of fusing different approaches to achieve reform.

Theodore R. Marmor is Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Political Science at Yale and the author of, among other works, Understanding Health Care Reform. Richard Freeman teaches in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh.  He is the author of The Politics of Health in Europe. Kieke G. H. Okma teaches health care policy and politics at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Policy. She is currently editing a book on health reform experience in six small democracies (New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Switzerland, Israel, and The Netherlands).

"Momentous decisions must be made in the next few years regarding the restructuring of America's health care system. These decisions should be informed by the insights of Ted Marmor, the nation's leading health policy expert."—Harvey M. Sapolsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"In a clean and concise manner, these essays guide the reader through historical, political, and economic analyses and offer fresh insights and interpretations of policy decisions and dilemmas. . . . Recommended for all academic audiences as a critical resource in health-care policy."—Choice

"This book provides a splendid overview of this important and complex field. Its focus is predominantly the history, current efforts, and prospects for reform of health care in the USA, but the analysis of the technical, political, and social dynamics are so perceptive and presented in such generalizable concepts that they would benefit those concerned with health care and reform movements in all parts of the world."—John H. Bryant, International Digest of Health Legislation

ISBN: 9780300058796
Publication Date: September 28, 1994
304 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
Politics, Health, and Health Care

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