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Intellectual Life at the Court of Frederick II Hohenstaufen

Edited by William Tronzo

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September 10, 1994
296 pages, 9 1/4 x 11 1/2
ISBN: 9780300077179

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In order to analyse the evolution of social science, Habermas applied the distinction between natural scientific and cultural scientific thinking. The author of this book focuses on the implications of this distinction and discusses its consequences for sociological thinking of culture. To what extent are the concept of culture and the theory of culture in sociology characterized by natural scientific and by cultural scientific thought, respectively? Have attempts been made to form syntheses between these two forms of thinking in sociology of culture?
Studies in the History of Art Series
Nationalism and French Visual Culture, 1870-1914

Edited by June Hargrove and Neil McWilliam

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Large Bronzes in the Renaissance

Edited by Peta Motture; Contributors: Sergej Androssov, Cha

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Tilman Riemenschneider, c.1460-1531

Edited by Julien Chapuis; Contributors: Till-Holger Borcher

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The Mall in Washington, 1791-1991

Edited by Richard Longstreth; With a new introduction by Th

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