Gauguin and Impressionism

Richard R. Brettell and Anne-Birgitte Fonsmark

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Paul Gauguin was introduced into the Impressionist circle by Camille Pissarro and contributed major works to five of the eight Impressionist exhibitions between 1879 and 1886. During these years he transformed himself from a banker-stockbroker into a professional artist and from a family man into a solitary searcher for artistic, moral, and spiritual truths. Yet this vital period of Gauguin’s life has usually been dismissed as an awkward prelude to his brilliant career as an anti-Impressionist. This handsomely illustrated book reconsiders Gauguin’s apprenticeship as an Impressionist and reassesses his contributions to the movement through the extraordinarily subtle and beautiful paintings, sculpture, and ceramic works he created during the years before 1887.

Richard R. Brettell and Anne-Birgitte Fonsmark argue that Gauguin’s Impressionist paintings compare in quality to those of Sisley, Morisot, or Cassatt and that as a sculptor he was second only to Degas. His sculptures and ceramics were even more searching and radical than his early paintings and are crucial to the understanding of his development. Gauguin grappled with the thorniest issues debated by the French avant-garde, the authors contend, and no member of the Impressionist group created works as enigmatic or as wideranging, both artistically and emotionally.

Richard R. Brettell is Margaret McDermott Distinguished Professor of Art and Aesthetics at the University of Texas at Dallas and the author of Pissarro and Pontoise, The Impressionist and the City, and Monet to Moore, all published by Yale University Press. Anne-Birgitte Fonsmark is director of the Ordrupgaard Museum in Copenhagen.


Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas (December 18, 2005 – March 26, 2006)

Ordrupgaard Museum, Copenhagen (August 25 – November 20, 2005)

"Brettell, long recognized as a leading expert on Impressionism and the art of Paul Gauguin, contributes an essential work to both fields. . . . This book should lead to a new evaluation of sculpture and decorative arts in Gauguin's work, and to a new understanding of the artist's place within the Impressionist movement. Scholars will find special interest in the new assessment of the importance of the Impressionist Pisarro and of art collecting for Gauguin. Ultimately, the familiar Gauguin reappears in a new light. . . . Essential."—Choice

'... it is utterly seductive and must be the best book yet on Gauguin, as near as its genre can get to a rattling good yarn and packed with unfamiliar illustrations.'---Brian Sewell, The Evening Standard

"This pioneering book takes a close look at his formative years: the period in which he slowly transformed himself into the Gauguin we know. It is an essential for all true admirers of the artist."---Martin Gayford, The Sunday Telegraph

"...a unique, massive 376 page volume...[a] gorgeous book..." - Byron Ireland, Day by Day, Spring 2006

“Celebrated for his Tahitian canvases of myth and sinuous line, Paul Gauguin produced more conventional, Impressionist works before he took off for the South Pacific. These paintings are too often overlooked, say the authors of this book, and they back their argument with radiant, glowing samples of early Gauguin, from still lives to winter landscapes.”— Toronto Globe and Mail (Gift Books)

Selected as a Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2007
ISBN: 9780300110036
Publication Date: October 20, 2005
Publishing Partner: Published in association with the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth
288 pages, 9 x 11
83 b/w + 319 color illus.
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