The Voice of the People

Letters from the Soviet Village, 1918-1932

By C. J. Storella and A. K. Sokolov; Documents translated by C. J. Storella

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February 5, 2013
448 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
ISBN: 9780300112337

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This book presents the first comprehensive collection in English of peasant writings during the early years of the Bolshevik regime. Drawn entirely from Russian archival sources, it features more than 150 previously unpublished letters addressed to newspapers, government officials, and Communist Party leaders. The letters and accompanying commentary result in a unique history of the Soviet peasantry's engagement and struggle with a powerful state, enabling readers to hear the voice of a social class that throughout history has too often been rendered voiceless.

C. J. Storella teaches history at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. A. K. Sokolov is head of the Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow.

“In this moving collection of letters from Soviet citizens, Carmine Storella provides a beautifully nuanced survey of social life at a critical time in Soviet history. Painstakingly translated and deeply researched, the letters and explanatory essays reveal the true and often tragic voices of ordinary working people."--Wendy Z. Goldman, Author of Inventing the Enemy. Denunciation and Terror in Stalin's Russia (2011)

 "The concreteness, specificity of the documents—and the superior quality of the translation—make them eminently accessible to a general reader, while the substance is so original in scope (thematic, chronological) that specialists will find much of value here."--Gregory L. Freeze, Brandeis University.

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