Modernism in the Magazines

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If modernism began in the magazines, as Robert Scholes and Clifford Wulfman argue, then the study of modern culture should begin with these publications. Scholes and Wulfman’s radically inclusive approach not only considers the “little” modernist magazines alongside the “big” or mass magazines often dismissed as antithetical to modernism’s elite culture, but also insists that scholars must investigate their contents as a whole—from poetry to advertising—to appreciate their full significance. The book’s appendix also reprints a previously uncollected critique of popular British magazines from 1917 and 1918 by Ezra Pound.

Robert Scholes is Research Professor of Modern Culture and Media, Brown University, and former President of the MLA. He is the author of numerous books, including The Crafty Reader, The Rise and Fall of English, and Parodoxy of Modernism. Clifford Wulfman is Coordinator of Library Digital Initiatives at Princeton University and technical director of the Modernist Journals Project.

Modernism in the Magazines is at once a clarion call for scholars and students of modernism to transform the field through periodical studies and to harness the as-yet under-utilized potential of digital databases, but it is also a refreshingly useful guidebook showing readers how to do just that. There truly is no other book out there like this.”—Mark Morrisson, Pennsylvania State University

“Scholes and Wulfman have produced a masterful introduction to modernist periodical studies that will be an invaluable resource for students as well as to scholars of Anglo-American literary modernism.”—Ann Ardis, University of Delaware

"Modernism in the Magazines sets the course for the emergent field of modern periodical studies and will become essential reading for the revitalized study and teaching of modernism."—Sean Latham, University of Tulsa

"Having recently woken up the editor of a literary magazine, I found myself riveted by this book. . . . I suspect even nonprofessionals will enjoy Pound's original articles, which Scholes and Wulfman reprint in their entirety—and will be charmed by the author's unabashed pleasure in old ephemera. . . . It is a melancholy truth that most ads age better than most poems. Scholes and Wulfman embrace that truth without holding it against either kind of communication. They don't make us choose between loving the moderns and understanding how they paid the bills."—Lorin Stein, Harpers

"The authors make an intelligent call for the creation of digital databases that will allow students and scholars to search, read, and view journals as they appeared when published. . . .Highly recommended."—R. Mulligan, Choice

“…this excellent addition to the burgeoning field of modern periodical studies…”
“…a very impressive volume which is written both clarity and wit…”—Andrew Thacker, Literature & History

"[A]n introduction to the field that is ideal for teaching (and priced so that it can be used in the classroom) as well as useful to scholars with an interest in periodical studies. . . . [an] indispensible volume."—Barbara Green, Clio

Winner of the 2010 EBSCOHost-RSAP Book Prize in the field of American periodical studies
ISBN: 9780300142068
Publication Date: June 29, 2010
352 pages, x
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