Palladio's Rome

Edited and translated by Vaughan Hart and Peter Hicks

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Available for the first time in English, Palladio’s popular guides to Rome are as charming today as when they were written 450 years ago

Andrea Palladio (1508­–1580), one of the most famous architects of all time, published two enormously popular guides to the churches and antiquities of Rome in 1554. Striving to be both scholarly and popular, Palladio invited his Renaissance readers to discover the charm of Rome’s ancient and medieval wonders, and to follow pilgrimage routes leading from one church to the next. He also described ancient Roman rituals of birth, marriage, and death. Here translated into English and joined in a single volume for the first time, Palladio’s guidebooks allow modern visitors to enjoy Rome exactly as their predecessors did 450 years ago.
Like the originals, this new edition is pocket-sized and therefore easily read on site. Enhanced with illustrations and commentary, the book also includes the first full English translation of Raphael’s famous letter to Pope Leo X on the monuments of ancient Rome. For architectural historians, tourists, and armchair travelers, this book offers fresh and surprising insights into the antiquarian and ecclesiastical preoccupations of one of the greatest of the Renaissance architectural masters.

Vaughan Hart is professor of architecture, department of architecture and civil engineering, University of Bath. He is author of the award-winning Nicholas Hawksmoor: Rebuilding Ancient Wonders, published by Yale University Press. Peter Hicks is visiting research fellow, department of architecture and civil engineering, University of Bath, and historian, Fondation Napoléon, Paris. Hart  and Hicks are the coeditors of Paper Palaces: The Rise of the Renaissance Architectural Treatise, and they are cotranslators of Sebastiano Serlio: On Architecture, Volumes 1 and 2, all published by Yale University Press.

"A fascinating snapshot of Rome a century before the Baroque architects got their hands on it, this two-fer is also a surprising self-portrait of the artist. Palladio celebrated the supremacy of reason in his designs, adapted worldwide during the centuries since, often for secular contexts. And yet like many a Renaissance genius, he was also a deeply faithful and conventional Catholic."—Richard B. Woodward, New York Times

“This pocket-sized edition, the first one-volume edition in English, allows the modern visitor or armchair tourist to follow in the footsteps of the Renaissance traveller, seeing the city as it was described by one of the world’s greatest architects.” - London Review of Books

“Here is another episode in the long later fascination with the antiquities of Rome. As a publishing project it is delightfully quixotic. … Yale has supplied lavish illustration…[and] the editors’ commentary is often fuller than Palladio’s text and packed with information… – an unexpected and welcome bonus.” - Robert Harbison, Architects Journal

"Hart and Hicks have made Palladio's two popular and important guidebooks to the antiquities and churches of Rome accessible for the first time in English translation. The new editions of these guidebooks . . . come with learned commentary and historical introduction, in a pocket-guidebook format appropriate for travel site and use."—Renaissance Quarterly

"Not only does this volume provide the first complete English translation of both texts, it also manages to do so in a compact format that has, in every way, the aura of a guidebook such as Palladio had in mind with respect to his own publication of these twin works. . . . This small volume deserves a great deal of praise. It has been prepared with care and skill. Like Palladio's original texts, it is rewarding both for scholars and for thoughtful laypersons. . . . It is highly recommended for scholars, for the cultured traveler, and for the curious, who will no doubt increase their appreciation of the many-sidedness of Palladio's interests."—Christiane L. Joost-Gaugier, Sixteenth Century Journal

"Will doubtless prove a useful tool for scholars and travelers alike, offering insight into cinquecento Rome, its churches and ancient monuments, and into Palladio's vision of the eternal city and its architectural majesty. . . . Both Palladio's Rome and Palladio's Venice make important contributions to the study of Andrea Palladio's works as author and architect. Not only do they offer great insight into the history of architectural theory and production, but each gives the reader a chance to know the cities of Rome and Venice as they existed in the second half of the cinquecento."—Erica L. Westhoff, Comitatus

"Printed on sturdy, glossy paper, the text has exquisite illustrations with multiple views of Renaissance Rome to satisfy a desire for the visual; sketches, prints, illustrations from treatises, and maps evoke a vanished city. . . . Hart and Hicks have produced a fluid English translation."—Eunice D. Howe, CAA Reviews

"This illustrated pocket-size book is as useful today as when it was first published in 1554. It offers pilgrimage routes from one church to another and serves as a guide to both ancient and medieval wonders."—Wendy Moonan, New York Times

Selected as a 2007 AAUP University Press Book for Public and Secondary School Libraries.
ISBN: 9780300151473
Publication Date: May 19, 2009
320 pages, 120 x 215
50 b/w + 50 color illus.
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