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Court and Cosmos

The Great Age of the Seljuqs

Sheila R. Canby, Deniz Beyazit, Martina Rugiadi, and A. C. S. Peacock; With contributions by Alzahraa K. Ahmed, Maryam Ekhtiar, Michael Falcetano, Abdullah Ghouchani, Pinar Gokpinar-Gnepp, and Renata Holod

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May 10, 2016
380 pages, 9 1/2 x 12
462 color + 0 b/w illus.
ISBN: 9781588395894

Published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Distributed by Yale University Press

A sweeping survey—the first of its kind—of the artistic, cultural, and technological achievements of the vast Seljuq empire

Rising from humble origins as Turkic tribesman, the powerful and culturally prolific Seljuqs—a dynastic tribe whose reach extended from Central Asia to the eastern Mediterranean—dominated the Islamic world from the 11th to the 14th century. This groundbreaking book examines the roots and impact of this formidable empire, featuring 300 objects as evidence of the artistic and cultural flowering that occurred under Seljuq rule.
Beginning with a historical overview of the dynasty, Court and Cosmos covers such topics as the rise of the Seljuq sultanate, the development of astrology and magic, the visual expression of discoveries in science, medicine, and technology, and the courtly, funerary, and literary arts. Glazed ceramics, incised glass, inlaid metalwork, handwoven textiles, illuminated manuscripts, and more are captured in new photographs. Court and Cosmos is a comprehensive study of the breadth of Seljuq achievement, illuminating the splendor of one of Islam’s most magnificent dynasties and providing insights into a rich cultural tradition that has shaped the legacy of Islamic culture to this day.

Sheila R. Canby is Patti Cadby Birch curator in charge, Deniz Beyazit is assistant curator, and Martina Rugiadi is assistant curator, all in the Department of Islamic Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. A. C. S. Peacock teaches Middle Eastern Studies at the University of St. Andrews, Fife.    


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