Irving Penn


Maria Morris Hambourg and Jeff L. Rosenheim; With contributions by Alexandra Dennett, Philippe Garner, Adam Kirsch, Harald E. L. Prins, and Vasilios Zatse

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April 25, 2017
372 pages, 10 x 12
365 color, tritone, and quadtone illus.
ISBN: 9781588396181

Published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Distributed by Yale University Press

The definitive book on the work of a virtuosic and revered American photographer

Irving Penn (1917–2009) was among the most esteemed and influential photographers of the 20th century. Over the course of a nearly seventy-year career, he mastered a pared-down aesthetic of studio photography that is distinguished for its meticulous attention to composition, nuance, and detail.  This indispensable book features one of the largest selections of Penn’s photographs ever compiled, including famous and beloved images as well as works that have never been published. 
Celebrating the centennial of Penn’s birth, this lavish volume spans the entirety of his groundbreaking career. An enlightening introduction situates his work in the context of the various artistic, social, and political environments and events that affected the content of his photographs.  Lively essays acquaint readers with Penn’s primary subjects and campaigns, including early documentary scenes and imagery; portraits; fashion; female nudes; peoples of Peru, Dahomey (Benin), New Guinea, and Morocco; still lifes; and much more. Irving Penn: Centennial is essential for any fan of this artist’s work or the history of 20th-century photography. 

Maria Morris Hambourg is an independent curator of photography. Jeff L. Rosenheim is curator in charge of the Department of Photographs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Grand Palais, Paris(09/21/17–01/29/18)

Instituto Moreira Salles, São Paolo
(Fall 2018)

"This stunning catalogue to the Met’s centennial exhibition draws out art historical connections within Penn’s authoritative, meticulously composed, nuanced oeuvre. This is a vivid social chronicle too, reflecting Penn’s long working life as a fashion photographer and portraitist."—Jackie Wullschlager, Financial Times

"An opulent volume, which represents the most comprehensive and multi-faceted publication of the photographer’s work to date."—Leica Fotografie International

Irving Penn: Centennial, by Maria Morris Hambourg and Jeff L. Rosenheim, presents page after page of startlingly fresh images.”–Luc Sante, New York Times

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