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Schreiben lernen

Course Resources

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  • Overview

    Quick description
    Schreiben lernen offers pre-writing activities, vocabulary builders, a variety of writing guides, and authentic models for eight types of writing tasks: (1) Describing People, (2) Writing Letters, (3) Autobiographical Writing, (4) Writing Reports, (5) Expressing opinions, (6) Creative Writing, (7) Interpreting Films, and (8) Interpreting Literature. Each of these eight types of writing is developed at three levels: Beginning (A), Intermediate (B) and Advanced (C). This level-differentiation allows beginners to start writing level-appropriate, error-free texts from the first week of class and it encourages students to recycle previous learning or stretch themselves to the next level.

    Using a Model-based, Process-oriented and Genre-focused approach, Schreiben lernen enables students to write their best, minimizing the frustration and red-ink shock that often accompanies writing programs in the foreign language classroom.

    For learners: Schreiben lernen can be bought by a learner in the first semester of German and used over the entire German learning career. Price-pointed to be a reasonable supplemental text, Yale’s Schreiben lernen is the new incredibly useful must-have for German learners.

    For departments: Schreiben lernen can help a department or teacher unify the curriculum across courses, levels, and different instructors