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Landscapes and the Human Imagination

Anthony Aveni

Historical Roots of a Modern Debate

Leila Ahmed; With a Foreword by Kecia Ali

The Life of Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Hassan Abbas

The Christian Origins of Religious Freedom

Robert Louis Wilken

What the Bible Says on Key Ethical Issues

John J. Collins

Reading Exodus

Leon R. Kass

A Theology of Making

Makoto Fujimura; Foreword by N. T. Wright

Critical Theory and the Question of Secularization

Peter E. Gordon

Christina of Hane; Translation, Introduction, and...

Israel and the Search for Jewish Identity

Micah Goodman; Translated by Eylon Levy

Reflections on God, Life, and Love

Arthur Green

The History of a Movement in Crisis

Thomas S. Kidd

A New Translation

Edward L. Greenstein

Protestants, Catholics, and the Rise of Religious Pluralism in the Early Twentieth Century

Erika Helgen

The Making of the Christianity-Judaism Divide

Matt Jackson-McCabe

From Climate Change to a New Age of Sustainability

Carolyn Merchant