Bloggers weigh in on Allawi’s Daily Show interview

Ali Allawi, author of The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace, appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Wednesday to dicuss his recent and much anticipated book. Allawi and his book have received extensive attention in the print media and now, prompted by Wednesday’s TV interview, bloggers are also weighing in. According to The Daily Show website, there have been over 49,400 views of Allawi’s two-part interview.

Click here to view Part 1.
Click here to view Part 2.

Lincoln Madison posted the transcript of the interview with commentary, stating, “They had a refreshingly substantive and frank discussion of the reality of Iraq since the fall of Saddam.”

One Good Move posted the clip here. Other bloggers continued the threaded discussion saying, “While many pundits and so called ‘experts’ here in the US yell at each other, Mr. Allawi’s opinions come from someone who truly understands what the occupation has done in Iraq.” (posted by neglom) and geoffreyb posted, “One of the better TDS interviews.”

Annie Wu of Tv Squad  said, “I thought it was a really powerful move to ask Allawi about the grieving process because of our country’s own collective feelings about the Virginia Tech shootings.”

For more coverage, click here to listen to an interview with Ali A. Allawi on the Yale Press Podcast.

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