Education at the Crossroads

Jacques Maritain

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September 10, 1960
130 pages, 5 x 8
ISBN: 9780300001631

One of the most eminent Catholic philosophers of our time explores the American system of education.  He believes that it must be based on the Christian idea of man being “more a whole than a part, and more independent than servile.”  In his view education is concerned with “making a man”—a man with “deep-rooted independence with regard to common opinion.”  This book is devoted to discovering how that can come about. 

"A document of first-rate importance. . . . Sheer informed common sense. . . . In the reviewer's opinion, this volume should be compulsory reading for all, whatever their religious beliefs or disbeliefs, who want light on the nature and place of education in our democratic society."—The Yale Review

"I cannot image anybody who is really concerned about our educational debacle, or even our cultural debacle, not deriving wisdom and courage from this book."—Virginia Quarterly Review

"M. Maritain's Terry Lectures offer a wise and thoughtful program for the education of man in general, and of Americans in the post-war world in particular, on the basis of a considered philosophical analysis of human nature."—Journal of Philosophy

"Maritain has shown the merits of the great tradition over against the superficial and external aspects of much current educational practice. The book deserves much thoughtful reading."—Harvard Divinity School Bulletin

"Here is a book for reflection, richly rewarding. [Maritain] cuts to the pragmatism that has dominated American education for over forty years—a Frankenstein with a radiant but fixed smile. In spite of our grave educational defects, Dr. Maritain believes that American energy joined to European wisdom will yet flower in a higher type of democracy."—Catholic World
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