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Asante Royal Regalia from Ghana

Edited by Roslyn A. Walker; With contributions by Martha...

Mothers and Children in the Arts of Africa

Herbert M. Cole

Bruno Claessens and Jean-Louis Danis; With a foreword by...

Power and Majesty

Alisa LaGamma; With contributions by Josiah Blackmore,...

Masks and Global African Art

Pamela McClusky and Erika Dalya Massaquoi; With...

1000 Years of Terracotta Statuary in Mali

Bernard de Grunne

Design Without End

Alisa LaGamma and Christine Giuntini

Masterpieces from the Berlin Museum für Völkerkunde

Hans-Joachim Kolos; With contributions by David Binkley,...

African Art from the Paul and Ruth Tishman Collection

Susan Vogel and Kate Ezra

James P. Allen, Susan Allen, Julie Anderson, Dieter Arnold...

Ideas of Origin in African Sculpture

Alisa LaGamma

Selections from the Lester Wunderman Collection

Kate Ezra

The Perls Collection

Kate Ezra

Masterworks of Pre-Columbian, Indonesian, and African Gold

Frances Marzio

Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures

Alisa LaGamma