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Helen Frankenthaler in Provincetown

Lise Motherwell and Elizabeth A. T. Smith; With Daniel...

Blind Eye

Clark Art Institute; With an essay by Lisa Saltzman

Course of Empire

Edited by Christopher Riopelle; With essays by Tom...

Literature and Printmaking

Mitra Abbaspour, Calvin Brown, and Erica Cooke

Edited by Ann Coxon, Briony Fer, and Maria Müller-Schareck...


Edited by Heinz Liesbrock in collaboration with Ulrike...

Weaving as Metaphor

Edited by Nina Stritzler-Levine; With Arthur C. Danto and...

Not Working

Jo Applin

Night in American Art, 1890-1917

Hélène Valance; Translated by Jane Marie Todd

Annelise K. Madsen; With contributions by Richard Ormond...

A Survey in Light

Kim Conaty; With contributions from Robin Clark, Michael...

History Keeps Me Awake at Night

David Breslin and David Kiehl; With contributions by Julie...

An American Impressionist in Paris

Edited by Nancy Mowll Mathews and Pierre Curie

Photography and the Art of Painting

Dana E. Byrd and Frank H. Goodyear III

Scott Rothkopf; With contributions by Laura Owens

The Human Figure in Plaster and on Paper

Jock Reynolds

Thomas Cole's Trans-Atlantic Inheritance

Tim Barringer, Gillian Forrester, Sophie Lynford, Jennifer...

Precisionism and American Art

Emma Acker; With Sue Canterbury, Adrian Daub, and Lauren...

Portrait of an Extraordinary Life

Daniel E. Sutherland and Georgia Toutziari

A Life for Art's Sake

Daniel E. Sutherland