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Reading before Emancipation

Beth Barton Schweiger

A History, Second Edition

Jonathan D. Sarna

A Short History of the Space Race

Roger D. Launius

A New History

Nemata Amelia Ibitayo Blyden

Native Nations and the United States from the American Revolution to Bleeding Kansas

Jeffrey Ostler

FDR and the Hundred Days That Mobilized America

Susan Dunn

How America's Civil Religion Betrayed the National Interest

Walter A. McDougall; With a New Preface

The World Has Never Been Better and Why That Matters to Americans

Michael A. Cohen and Micah Zenko

Savagery and Survival in the Iowa Writers' Workshop

David O. Dowling

The Strange Career of an American Delusion

Steve Fraser

The East India Company and the Crisis and Transformation of Britain's Imperial State

James M. Vaughn

Statecraft and World Order

Hal Brands and Charles Edel

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Social Gospel

Gary Dorrien

A History of Puritanism in England and America

Michael P. Winship

White Women as Slave Owners in the American South

Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers

A New History of King Philip's War

Lisa Brooks

Progressive Forces in Britain, France, and the United States after World War II

Isser Woloch

Volume 43: August 16, 1784, through March 15, 1785

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by Ellen R. Cohn

Bankers, Bailouts, and the Struggle to Tame Wall Street

Kathleen Day