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Pursuing Happiness in the Age of Reason

Caroline Winterer

A History of the Second World War in Iran and Iraq

Ashley Jackson

The American Indian Who Sold His Birthright, Dropped Out of Harvard, and Conned the King of England

Jenny Hale Pulsipher

Mexican Americans, Mexican Immigrants, and the California Farmworker Movement

Lori A. Flores

Benedict Arnold and the Crisis of American Liberty

Stephen Brumwell

His Lives and Death

Lillian Faderman

U.S. Patriotism in Indian Country after World War I

Thomas Grillot

A Social and Cultural History

Richard Lyman Bushman

Series Three: Correspondence, Volume 2: 1853-1865

Frederick Douglass; Edited by John R. McKivigan

"Mad" Anthony Wayne and the Battle for America

Mary Stockwell

FDR and the Hundred Days That Mobilized America

Susan Dunn

The Past, Present, and Future of the United States

Victor Bulmer-Thomas

How Foreign Correspondents Risked Capture, Torture and Death to Cover World War II

Ray Moseley

The Story of Ned Coll and the Battle for America’s Most Exclusive Shoreline

Andrew W. Kahrl

An Indigenous History of Migration, Resettlement, and Identity

Gregory D. Smithers

The Founders' Case for an Activist Government

Steve Pincus

Jim Crow and the Making of Modern America

Anders Walker

The Founders' Case for an Activist Government

Steve Pincus