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Patrick J. Deneen; With a New Preface

Progressive Forces in Britain, France, and the United States after World War II

Isser Woloch

Leadership Elections in the U.S. House of Representatives

Matthew N. Green and Douglas B. Harris

(And They Should Act Like It)

Kent Greenfield

Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement

Keramet Reiter

An Economic Agenda for a Divided Nation

Isabel Sawhill

A Handbook, New Edition

Charles L. Black, Jr., and Philip Bobbitt

The Contest for the Twenty-First Century and the Future of American Power

Thomas J. Wright; With a New Preface

The Conscience of the Country

Arnold A. Offner

Race, Party Transformation, and the Rise of Donald Trump

Alan I. Abramowitz

Mexican Americans, Mexican Immigrants, and the California Farmworker Movement

Lori A. Flores

FDR and the Hundred Days That Mobilized America

Susan Dunn

The Past, Present, and Future of the United States

Victor Bulmer-Thomas

The Founders' Case for an Activist Government

Steve Pincus

The Political Odyssey of William F. Buckley Jr.

Alvin S. Felzenberg

Essays on Democratic Citizenship

Paul M. Sniderman

Political Reform, Constitutional Government, and the Modern American State

Edited by Stephen Skowronek, Stephen M. Engel, and Bruce...

Reading "The Federalist" in the 21st Century

Sanford Levinson

Legislative Authority and the Separation of Powers

Josh Chafetz