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Spirit Possession and Exorcism in the Early Christ Groups

Giovanni B. Bazzana

A Translation

David Bentley Hart

Behind the Story of Elephantine

Karel van der Toorn

A New Translation

Edward L. Greenstein

What the Bible Says on Key Ethical Issues

John J. Collins

Jesus and Mediterranean Myths

M. David Litwa

Experiencing the Sacred

Eyal Regev

Resurrecting Perfection in the New Testament and Early Christianity

Candida R. Moss

A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary

Stephen L. Cook

A Linguistic, Textual, and Historical Study

Ronald Hendel and Jan Joosten

The Pagans' Apostle

Paula Fredriksen

The Bible's Traumatic Origins

David M. Carr

Divine Politics and Polemics in the Letters of Paul

Emma Wasserman

Text and Commentary

Gabriel Said Reynolds; Translated by Ali Quli Qarai

Sinai in Jewish Scripture and Tradition

Benjamin D. Sommer

An Intellectual Biography

Maren R. Niehoff

Ideology, the Bible, and the Early Christians

David Wheeler-Reed

A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary

Göran Eidevall