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The Making of the World's Greatest City

Margarette Lincoln

The Churchyard that Shaped London

Margaret Willes

Hunger in the Early Northeast

Carla Cevasco

Six Press Barons Who Enabled Hitler

Kathryn S. Olmsted

A New History of London

Panikos Panayi

The Deeds and Misdeeds of 18th-Century Britain

Penelope J. Corfield

The British Slave Trade and Its Abolition

David Richardson

The Man Who Saved MI6

Helen Fry

A Narrative History

Thomas M. Truxes

Labor and the Nation at the Dawn of Empire, 1570-1630

Eleanor Hubbard

Last of the Royal Blood

Tom Licence

A Portrait of Armistice Day, 11 November 1918

Guy Cuthbertson

A Family’s Search for Meaning in Post-Newtonian England

Joan L. Richards

Medicine, Science, and Horticulture in Britain

Clare Hickman

The Community That Shaped England's Trade and Empire, 1550-1650

Edmond Smith

The Story of the Enslaved Jamaican Who Became Samuel Johnson’s Heir

Michael Bundock

The Making of the Legend

Nicholas J. Higham

Civilization and Madness in Late-Victorian Law

Catherine L. Evans