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David Scott Kastan with Stephen Farthing

Serhiy Zhadan; Prose Translated from the Ukrainian by...

A Poet’s Declaration of Human Dignity

Patrick Chamoiseau; Translated by Matthew Amos and Fredrik...

The Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric

madison moore

Claudio Magris; Translated from the Italian by Anne Milano...

An Elegy and Ten Digressions

Alberto Manguel

The Woman Behind Pippi Longstocking

Jens Andersen; Translated by Caroline Waight

Terry Eagleton

Authority and Image in Sixteenth-Century England

Kevin Sharpe

How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World

Gregory Woods

A Rational Skeptic in an Irrational World

Julian Baggini

And Other Essays

Francis Spufford

(A Book for Just About Anyone)

Devorah Baum

A Bingewatcher's Notebook

Clive James

Why Violent Times Need Ancient Greek Myths

Emily Katz Anhalt

Bande Dessinée: Thinking Outside the Boxes

Edited by Laurence Grove and Michael Syrotinski

How Eloquence Works

David Crystal