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An Edition of the Original Manuscript in Four Volumes. Volume 4: 1780-1784

James Boswell; Edited by Thomas F. Bonnell

Legislative Authority and the Separation of Powers

Josh Chafetz

A History from the Middle Ages to the Present Day

Marcus Tanner

A New Life of Charles V

Geoffrey Parker

The Perilous Politics of a Divided Russia

Samuel A. Greene and Graeme B. Robertson

The Embattled Heart of Our Public Life

Kathleen M. Sands

Power, Crisis, and the Rhetoric of Time

Nomi Claire Lazar

Cheng Yi; Edited and Translated by L. Michael Harrington;...

The Making of America’s Architect

Anthony Alofsin

Empress, Queen, Warrior

Catherine Hanley

Science, Adventure, and a Victorian Woman Who Opened the Heavens

Tracy Daugherty

The University in a Dogmatic Age

John Sexton; With a Foreword by Gordon Brown

Taking Pictures, Making Painters

Phyllis Rose

How America's Civil Religion Betrayed the National Interest

Walter A. McDougall; With a New Preface

The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

Iain McGilchrist

Johnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shaped an Age

Leo Damrosch

His Space and Times

Steven Gimbel

A Life of Faith and Dissent

Paul Mendes-Flohr