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Rethinking Borders, States, and Secession in a Democratic World

Timothy William Waters

Forty Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future

Edited by Daniel C. Esty; Foreword by Ingrid C. Burke

Legislative Authority and the Separation of Powers

Josh Chafetz

The Coming Tech Revolution—and Why America Might Miss It

Susan Crawford

(And They Should Act Like It)

Kent Greenfield

How to Transform Punishment in America

Robert A. Ferguson

Antonin Scalia and the Politics of Disruption

Richard L. Hasen

Dissent in the Ancient Indian Sciences of Sex and Politics

Wendy Doniger

A Psychoanalytic Perspective

Anne C. Dailey

American Prophet

Jeffrey Rosen

Essays in Reform and Recollection

Guido Calabresi

A Legal Guide for Presidents and Their Enemies

Brian C. Kalt

Why Good Incentives Are No Substitute for Good Citizens

Samuel Bowles

Assisted Reproduction and the Rights of the Child

Mary Ann Mason and Tom Ekman

Selective Breeding in an Era of Reproductive Technologies

Judith Daar

Jews and Muslims in Modern Morocco

Jessica M. Marglin

Campaign Money, the Supreme Court, and the Distortion of American Elections

Richard L. Hasen

American Prophet

Jeffrey Rosen