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Selected Poems

Maria Baranda; Translated from the Spanish; Edited by Paul...

The Collected Works of Afa Ajura (1910-2004) and the Impact of Ajuraism on Northern Ghana

Alhaj Yusuf Salih Ajura; Translated by Zakyi Ibrahim

New and Selected Poems

Duo Duo; Translated from the Chinese and Edited by Lucas...

A Primer in Verse

Lucy Newlyn

Desiree C. Bailey; Foreword by Carl Phillips

Desiree C. Bailey; Foreword by Carl Phillips

Vergil; Translated by Sarah Ruden; With an Introduction by...

Selected Poems

Jean-Paul de Dadelsen; Translated from the French by...

100 Poems

Edited by Christian Wiman

Wassily Kandinsky; Translated and with an introduction by...

Alan Dugan; Foreword by Dudley Fitts

Richard Siken; Foreword by Louise Gluck

100 Years of Yale Younger Poets

Edited by Carl Phillips

John Ashbery; Foreword by W. H. Auden

Olga Broumas; Foreword by Stanley Kunitz

Margaret Walker; Foreword by Stephen Vincent Benet