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Dostoyevsky Reads Hegel in Siberia and Bursts into Tears

Laszlo F. Foldenyi; Translated from the Hungarian by Ottilie Mulzet

An exemplary collection of work from one of the world’s leading scholars of intellectual history“Földényi . . . stage[s] a broad metaphysical melodrama between opposites that he pursues throughout this...

February 9, 2021, Paper, $16.00

Liberty in the Things of God

The Christian Origins of Religious Freedom

Robert Louis Wilken

From one of the leading historians of Christianity comes this sweeping reassessment of religious freedom, from the church fathers to John Locke“Robert Louis Wilken’s new masterpiece.”—George Weigel, ...

February 23, 2021, Paper, $16.00

Mathematics for Human Flourishing

Francis Su; With Reflections by Christopher Jackson

“This is perhaps the most important mathematics book of our time. Francis Su shows mathematics is an experience of the mind and, most important, of the heart.”—James Tanton, Global Math Project  An...

February 2, 2021, Paper, $16.00

The Year of Peril

America in 1942

Tracy Campbell

This fascinating chronicle of how the character of American society revealed itself under the duress of World War II "place(s) today’s myriad social traumas and dislocations in perspective." -- George Will, Washington...

February 9, 2021, Paper, $20.00


Honesty in America from Washington to Trump

Allison Stanger

A "brisk and interesting" (Jill Lepore, New Yorker) exploration of whistleblowing in America, from the Revolutionary War to the Trump eraPROSE Award winner in the Government, Policy and Politics...

February 9, 2021, Paper, $18.00

Artemisia Gentileschi

The Language of Painting

Jesse Locker

Hailed as one of the most influential and expressive painters of the seventeenth century, Artemisia Gentileschi (1593–ca. 1656) has figured prominently in the art historical discourse of the past two decades. This attention...

January 5, 2021, PB-with Flaps, $40.00
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Henry III

The Rise to Power and Personal Rule, 1207-1258

David Carpenter

The first in a ground-breaking two-volume history of Henry III’s rule“Professor Carpenter is one of Britain’s foremost medievalists…No one knows more about Henry, and a lifetime of scholarship is here...

March 30, 2021, Paper, $23.00


The Last European Dictatorship
New Edition

Andrew Wilson

In 2020 Belarus made headlines around the world when protests erupted in the aftermath of a fraught presidential election. Andrew Wilson explores both Belarus’s complicated road to nationhood and its politics and economics...

March 30, 2021, Paper, $16.00

Oblivion or Glory

1921 and the Making of Winston Churchill

David Stafford

An engaging and original account of 1921, a pivotal year for Churchill that had a lasting impact on his political and personal legacy After the tragic consequences of his involvement in the catastrophic...

February 23, 2021, Paper, $15.00

No Fixed Points

Dance in the Twentieth Century

Nancy Reynolds and Malcolm McCormick

The definitive history of twentieth-century theatrical dance, enhanced with more than 200 exceptional photographsWinner of the 2005 Congress on Research in Dance Award for Outstanding Publication in...

February 9, 2021, Paper, $35.00