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Text by Susannah Frankel

"[A] ‘greatest hits’ riffing on Miuccia Prada’s own obsessions with maid’s uniforms, schoolgirl garb and twists on luxury."—Alexander Fury, AnOther MagazineThis dazzling book “makes the perfect...

October 22, 2019, Cloth over Board, $75.00

Why We Believe

Evolution and the Human Way of Being

Agustín Fuentes

A wide-ranging argument by a renowned anthropologist that the capacity to believe is what makes us human   Why are so many humans religious? Why do we daydream, imagine, and hope? Philosophers, theologians,...

September 24, 2019, Hardcover, $28.00

Nature Inside

Plants and Flowers in the Modern Interior

Penny Sparke

From ferns in 19th-century British parlors to contemporary “living walls” in commercial spaces, plants and flowers have long been incorporated into the design of public and private spaces. Spanning two centuries, Nature...

February 23, 2021, Hardcover, $50.00

The Cost of Free Money

How Unfettered Capital Threatens Our Economic Future

Paola Subacchi

A penetrating account of how unchecked capital mobility is damaging international cooperation, polarizing the economic landscape, and ultimately reshaping the global order When it comes to the afflictions...

September 15, 2020, Hardcover, $30.00

The Bloomsbury Look

Wendy Hitchmough

An in-depth study of how the famed Bloomsbury Group expressed their liberal philosophies and collective identity in visual form“[Fascinating and wide-ranging. . . . Will be enjoyed by both Bloomsbury...

October 20, 2020, Hardcover, $40.00

Trade Wars Are Class Wars

How Rising Inequality Distorts the Global Economy and Threatens International Peace

Matthew C. Klein and Michael Pettis

A provocative look at how today’s trade conflicts are caused by governments promoting the interests of elites at the expense of workers"This is a very important book."—Martin Wolf, Financial...

May 19, 2020, Hardcover, $28.00

Hitler’s Jewish Refugees

Hope and Anxiety in Portugal

Marion Kaplan

An award-winning historian presents an emotional history of Jewish refugees biding their time in Portugal as they attempt to escape Nazi Europe This riveting book describes the dramatic experiences of...

January 7, 2020, Hardcover, $45.00

Our Beloved Kin

A New History of King Philip's War

Lisa Brooks

2019 Bancroft Prize winner  Winner of the Western HIstory Association's 2019 John C. Ewers Book Award and Donald L. Fixico Award   “By making what we thought was a small story very...

February 19, 2019, Paper, $22.00

Why Baseball Matters

Susan Jacoby

A best-selling author and passionate baseball fan takes a tough-minded look at America’s most traditional game in our twenty-first-century culture of digital distraction Baseball, first dubbed the “national...

March 26, 2019, Paper, $16.00

First Responders

Inside the U.S. Strategy for Fighting the 2007-2009 Global Financial Crisis

Edited by Ben S. Bernanke, Timothy F. Geithner, and Henry M. Paulson, Jr., with J. Nellie Liang

An insider’s view of the U.S. government’s response to the 2007–2009 global financial crisis, recounted by the people who made the key decisions In 2008, the world’s financial system stood on the brink of...

February 4, 2020, Hardcover, $37.50