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The General Correspondence of James Boswell, 1757-1763

James Boswell; Edited by David Hankins and James Caudle

The 121 letters in this volume were exchanged between James Boswell and twenty-six correspondents between 1760 and 1763. The letters, all but one written after Boswell’s first brief escapade in London, concern the period...

August 15, 2006, Cloth, $125.00

Five Centuries of Hanukkah Lamps from The Jewish Museum

A Catalogue Raisonné

Susan L. Braunstein

The observance of Hanukkah as a time of freedom and miracles resonates strongly with Jews today as in centuries past, and the Hanukkah lamp is central to the celebratory ritual. The importance of the Hanukkah lamp is...

April 11, 2005, Cloth, $125.00

The Yale Edition of The Complete Works of St. Thomas More

Volume 3, Part 1, Translations of Lucian

St. Thomas More; Edited by Craig R. Thompson

In 1505 and 1506, More and Erasmus found a world of profit and delight in turning some of Lucian of Samosata’s writing into Latin.  More translated the Cynicus, Minippus, Philopseudes, and Tyrannicida, and...

September 10, 1974, Cloth, $125.00

The Seventeenth Century French Paintings

Humphrey Wine

The National Gallery, London, possesses an outstanding collection of French seventeenth-century paintings, in part a reflection of the enthusiasm with which British collectors once acquired the works of Poussin and...

March 11, 2002, Cloth, $125.00

British Silver

State Hermitage Museum Catalogue

Marina Lopato

Despite its comparatively small size—just over 370 items, dating mainly from the 18th century—the collection of British silver in the Hermitage is renowned for its variety and quality. Over the course of the 18th and 19th...

December 15, 2015, Cloth, $125.00

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 14

Volume 14: January 1, 1767 through December 31, 1767

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by Leonard W. Labaree, Helen C. Boatfield, and James H. Hutson

September 10, 1970, Cloth, $125.00

National Gallery Catalogues: The Sixteenth-Century Italian Paintings, Volume 1

Brescia, Bergamo and Cremona

Nicholas Penny

This highly anticipated catalogue of sixteenth-century paintings from the distinguished collection of the National Gallery in London encompasses artists who were active in Bergamo, Brescia, and Cremona, cities characterized...

November 10, 2004, Cloth, $125.00

Russia's Path toward Enlightenment

Faith, Politics, and Reason, 1500-1801

G. M. Hamburg

This book, focusing on the history of religious and political thinking in early modern Russia, demonstrates that Russia’s path toward enlightenment began long before Peter the Great’s opening to the West. Examining a...

June 28, 2016, HC - Paper over Board, $125.00

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 15

Volume 15: January 1, 1768, through December 31 1768

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by William B. Willcox, Dorothy W. Bridgwater, Mary L. Hart, and Claude A. Lopez; Edited by G. B. Warden

September 10, 1972, Cloth, $125.00

The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 20

Johnson on Demand: Reviews, Prefaces, and Ghost-Writings

Samuel Johnson; Edited by O M Brack, Jr., and Robert DeMaria, Jr.

The next volume in the distinguished Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson comprises prefaces, proposals, dedications, appeals, and other works that Johnson wrote for friends and acquaintances. The...

January 8, 2019, Hardcover, $125.00