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The Policy Process

A Practical Guide for Natural Resources Professionals

Susan G. Clark

This useful book is designed to teach natural resources professionals how to be more effective in solving conservation and environmental policy problems. Its presentation of basic concepts, case studies, and “real world...

March 11, 2002, Paper, $30.00

Evidence, Argument, and Persuasion in the Policy Process

Giandomenico Majone

In modern industrial democracies, the making of public policy is dependent on policy analysis—the generation, discussion, and evaluation of policy alternatives. Policy analysis is often characterized, especially by economists...

July 29, 1992, Paper, $28.00

Parties and Policies

How the American Government Works

David R. Mayhew

In this wide-ranging new volume, one of our most important and perceptive scholars of the workings of the American government investigates political parties, politicians, elections, and policymaking to discover why...

November 3, 2008, Paper, $44.00

Punctuated Equilibrium and the Dynamics of U.S. Environmental Policy

First Edition

Edited by Robert Repetto; Foreword by James Gustave Speth

Although many environmental policy issues remain deadlocked for decades with little movement, sometimes breakthroughs occur abruptly. Why do deadlocks persist? Why do major policy shifts occur infrequently? Is it possible to...

May 19, 2006, Paper, $30.00

Foundations of Natural Resources Policy and Management

Edited by Susan G. Clark, Andrew R. Willard, and Christina M. Cromley

Natural resources issues are complex, often emotional, and almost always political. Efforts to improve natural resources management practices must take into account the scientific aspects of an issue plus these other...

September 10, 2000, Paper, $37.00

Democracy, Dialogue, and Environmental Disputes

The Contested Languages of Social Regulation

Bruce A. Williams and Albert R. Matheny

At every level of government, environmental regulation is under siege. In Washington, it has been attacked first through the "New Federalism" and now through the "Contract with America." Outside the capital, environmental...

May 25, 1998, Paper, $25.00

Ensuring Greater Yellowstone's Future

Choices for Leaders and Citizens

Susan G. Clark

How can environmental problems be solved when they cross boundaries and involve diverse people? What kind of leadership and institutions will bring success? From experience in the greater Yellowstone region,...

May 13, 2008, Cloth, $65.00


What You Don't Know About Orange Juice

Alissa Hamilton

How orange juice became a North American breakfast staple and what “100% pure orange juice” means today Close to three quarters of U.S. households buy orange juice. Its popularity crosses class, cultural...

April 27, 2010, Paper, $34.00

An American Imperative

Accelerating Minority Educational Advancement

L. Scott Miller

Closing the large educational gaps that exist between the majority population and several minority groups is increasingly important, owing to America's rapidly growing racial and ethnic diversity and the rising skill demands...

September 23, 1997, Paper, $28.00

The KGB File of Andrei Sakharov

Edited and annotated by Joshua Rubenstein and Alexander Gribanov; With an introduction by Joshua Rubenstein; Documents translated by Ella Shmulevich, Efrem Yankelevich, and Alla Zeide

Andrei Sakharov (1921–1989), a brilliant physicist and the principal designer of the Soviet hydrogen bomb, later became a human rights activist and—as a result—a source of profound irritation to the Kremlin. This book...

July 10, 2005, Cloth, $74.00