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Fifty-Five T’ang Poems

A Text in the Reading and Understanding of T’ang Poetry

Hugh M. Stimson

Four masters of the shi form of Chinese poetry, who are generally considered to be giants in the entire history of Chinese literature, are represented in this book: three from the eighth century, and one from the ninth. A few...

March 11, 1976, Paper, $26.00

Chinese Cursive Script

An Introduction to Handwriting in Chinese

Fred Fang-yu Wang

In this useful volume, Fred Fang-yu Wang presents materials designed to help solve an often vexing problem for students of Chinese: how to recognize and write handwritten or cursive-style forms of Chinese characters.  Such...

March 11, 1958, Paper, $32.00

A Primer of Newspaper Chinese

Second Revised Edition

Yu-Ju Chih and John S. Montanaro

This primer is a basic introduction to the grammar and vocabulary used in traditional Chinese newspapers. It uses unsimplified characters.

March 11, 1988, Paper, $27.00

Read Chinese, Book Two

A Beginning Text in the Chinese Character, Expanded Edition

Richard Chang

This second book of the Read Chinese series covers an additional three hundred Chinese characters, in both simplified and traditional forms. It is structured within the framework of a story about a Chinese student's journey...

March 11, 1983, Paper, $34.00

Speak Cantonese, Book One

Revised Edition

Parker Po-fei Huang and Gerard P. Kok

This first book of the Speak Cantonese series continues an introduction to standard Cantonese dialect. It uses pinyin romanization and emphasizes the development of vocabulary.

March 11, 1999, Paper, $39.00

Spoken Standard Chinese, Volume One

Student Workbook

Vivien Wong and Quincey Lu

This book begins the Spoken Standard Chinese series, which emphasizes natural dialogue and familiarity with a modern, adult vocabulary. Book One uses pinyin romanization and no Chinese characters. An accompanying audio...

March 11, 1982, Paper, $18.00

Spoken Standard Chinese, Volume Two

Student Workbook

Vivien Wong and Quincey Lu

This second book of the Spoken Standard Chinese series completes the presentation of the major grammatical patterns of modern Mandarin, and introduces an additional 700 words. Book Two uses pinyin romanization. An...

March 11, 1982, Paper, $18.00

The White-Haired Girl

Volume One, Supplementary Reading Series for Intermediate Chinese Reader

Chih-yu Ho

The White-Haired Girl relates the story of one of the most famous figures of the Chinese Revolution. This text is the first volume designed to supplement the Intermediate Chinese Reader by John DeFrancis. It is presented in...

March 11, 1976, Paper, $8.95

The Sage of Sugar Hill

George S. Schuyler and the Harlem Renaissance

Jeffrey B. Ferguson

This book is the first to focus a bright light on the life and early career of George S. Schuyler, one of the most important intellectuals of the Harlem Renaissance. A popular journalist in black America, Schuyler wielded...

November 1, 2005, Cloth, $65.00

Sun Yat-Sen

Volume Four, Supplementary Reading Series for Intermediate Chinese Reader.

Yung Teng Chia-yee

This book tells the story of Sun Yat-Sen, the founder of the Chinese Republic. It is the fourth volume designed to supplement the Intermediate Chinese Reader by John DeFrancis. The text is presented in simplified characters,...

March 11, 1980, Paper, $16.00