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The Christians Who Became Jews

Acts of the Apostles and Ethnicity in the Roman City

Christopher Stroup

A fresh look at Acts of the Apostles and its depiction of Jewish identity within the larger Roman era When considering Jewish identity in Acts of the Apostles, scholars have often emphasized Jewish and...

April 21, 2020, Hardcover, $65.00

Sanford Biggers


Andrea Andersson and Antonio Sergio Bessa; With contributions by Greg Tate, Jacqueline L. Tobin and Raymond G. Dobard, Mia Kang, and John Jennings with David Brame and Esperanza Bey

“What I want to do is code-switch. To have there be layers of history and politics, but also this heady, arty stuff—inside jokes, black humor—that you might have to take a while to research if you want to really get it

April 21, 2020, Hardcover, $45.00

What’s Wrong with Economics?

A Primer for the Perplexed

Robert Skidelsky

A passionate and informed critique of mainstream economics from one of the leading economic thinkers of our time This insightful book looks at how mainstream economics’ quest for scientific certainty has...

April 21, 2020, Hardcover, $25.00

Radical Sacrifice

Terry Eagleton

A trenchant analysis of sacrifice as the foundation of the modern, as well as the ancient, social order The modern conception of sacrifice is at once cast as a victory of self-discipline over desire and...

April 21, 2020, Paper, $15.00

Four Words for Friend

The Rewards of Using More than One Language in a Divided World

Marek Kohn

A compelling argument about the importance of using more than one language in today’s world In a world that has English as its global language and rapidly advancing translation technology, it’s easy to...

April 21, 2020, Paper, $20.00

Renaissance Treasures from the Edmond Foulc Collection

Jack Hinton; With a contribution by Alexandra Gauthier

A celebration of the exceptional collection of Renaissance art assembled by Edmond Foulc and its purchase by the Philadelphia Museum of Art In 1930, the Philadelphia Museum of Art acquired the collection of...

April 21, 2020, PB-with Flaps, $15.00

The Book of Collateral Damage

Sinan Antoon; Translated from the Arabic by Jonathan Wright

Sinan Antoon returns to the Iraq war in a poetic and provocative tribute to reclaiming memory Widely-celebrated author Sinan Antoon’s fourth and most sophisticated novel follows Nameer, a young Iraqi...

April 21, 2020, Paper, $15.00

Standing for Reason

The University in a Dogmatic Age

John Sexton; With a Foreword by Gordon Brown

A powerful case for the importance of universities as an antidote to the “secular dogmatism” that increasingly infects political discourse   John Sexton argues that over six decades, a “secular dogmatism,”...

April 21, 2020, Paper, $18.00

Unlikely General

"Mad" Anthony Wayne and the Battle for America

Mary Stockwell

Why did the once-ardent hero of the American Revolution become its most scandalous general?? In the spring of 1792, President George Washington chose “Mad” Anthony Wayne to defend America from a potentially...

April 21, 2020, Paper, $25.00

Cork: City and County

Frank Keohane

This authoritative guide to the architecture of County Cork covers all sites and buildings of merit, great and small Comprehensive and easy to use, this guide covers the architectural riches of Ireland’s...

April 20, 2020, Hardcover, $85.00