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Grasses, Sedges, Rushes

An Identification Guide

Lauren Brown and Ted Elliman; Original drawings by Lauren Brown; Foreword by Jerry Jenkins

This elegant and easy-to-use guide is an updated and amended revision of Lauren Brown’s seminal Grasses: An Identification Guide, which was first published in 1979. While maintaining the spirit and goals of the...

June 23, 2020, PB-Flexibound, $22.00

Peppermint Kings

A Rural American History

Dan Allosso

An unexplored, fascinating history of nineteenth-century agrarian life, told through the engaging lens of three families central to the peppermint oil industry This unconventional history relates the...

June 23, 2020, Hardcover, $38.00

Religious Conflict in Brazil

Protestants, Catholics, and the Rise of Religious Pluralism in the Early Twentieth Century

Erika Helgen

The story of how Brazilian Catholics and Protestants confronted one of the greatest shocks to the Latin American religious system in its 500-year history This innovative study explores the transition in...

June 23, 2020, HC - Paper over Board, $65.00

Living Pictures

Jan van Eyck and Painting’s First Century

Noa Turel

A significant new interpretation of the emergence of Western pictorial realism When Jan van Eyck (c. 1390–1441) completed the revolutionary Ghent Altarpiece in 1432, it was unprecedented in European visual...

June 23, 2020, Hardcover, $65.00


Joost Joustra

An engaging and accessible account of how sin has been depicted in European art for centuries The depiction of sin has been fundamental to European visual culture for hundreds of years, especially—but not...

June 23, 2020, Paper, $16.99

Henry Scott Tuke

Edited by Cicely Robinson

A timely survey of this significant British artist and the complexities surrounding his work and reputation today Famed for his depictions of sun, sea, and sailing during a late Victorian and Edwardian...

June 23, 2020, Hardcover, $45.00

Jewish Christianity

The Making of the Christianity-Judaism Divide

Matt Jackson-McCabe

A fresh exploration of the category Jewish Christianity, from its invention in the Enlightenment to contemporary debates In this provocative work, Matt Jackson-McCabe argues that the concept of Jewish...

June 23, 2020, Hardcover, $65.00

New Money

How Payment Became Social Media

Lana Swartz

A new vision of money as a communication technology that creates and sustains invisible—often exclusive—communities One of the basic structures of everyday life, money is at its core a communication media....

June 23, 2020, Hardcover, $28.00

Security Empire

The Secret Police in Communist Eastern Europe

Molly Pucci

A compelling examination of the establishment of the secret police in Communist Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Eastern Germany ?This book examines the history of early secret police forces in Poland,...

June 23, 2020, Hardcover, $65.00

The Polymath

A Cultural History from Leonardo da Vinci to Susan Sontag

Peter Burke

The remarkable story of Western polymaths from the fifteenth century to the present day From Leonardo da Vinci and John Dee to Oliver Sacks and Susan Sontag, polymaths have moved the frontiers of knowledge....

June 18, 2020, Hardcover, $30.00