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The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 2

Volume 2: Religious Affections

Jonathan Edwards; Edited by John E. Smith

This volume contains Edwards’ most mature and persistent attempt to judge the validity of the religious development in eighteenth-century America known as the Great Awakening. In developing criteria for such judgment he...

September 10, 1959, Cloth, $125.00

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law

Roscoe Pound

“Among books of similar scope, this is the recognized classic.  Those who read this book will have the strange privilege of thinking things together in the law from the beginning of world history to the moment...

September 10, 1959, Paper, $28.00

The Midrash on Psalms

Translated by William G. Braude

The Midrash is a succession of homilies concerned with the recurrence or comparison of words and situations in the Scriptures as a means of bringing forth their contents. Compiled by Jewish rabbis since 200 A. D., its...

September 10, 1959, Cloth, $160.00

Psychoanalysis and Religion

Erich Fromm

“A daring book to have cast into the midst of the world’s excitements, for it will itself breed new excitements. . . . It is not a book to be missed by those interested in man’s spiritual growth.”—New York...

September 10, 1959, Paper, $23.00

The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol 1

Diaries, Prayers, and Annals

Samuel Johnson; Edited by ; With contributions by Donald and Mary Hyde

Although Samuel Johnson is recognized as the central English literary figure of the second half of the 18th century, and the period is often referred to as "The Age of Johnson," no consequential edition of his works has...

September 10, 1958, Cloth, $125.00

Chinese Cursive Script

An Introduction to Handwriting in Chinese

Fred Fang-yu Wang

In this useful volume, Fred Fang-yu Wang presents materials designed to help solve an often vexing problem for students of Chinese: how to recognize and write handwritten or cursive-style forms of Chinese characters.  Such...

March 11, 1958, Paper, $32.00

The Code of Maimonides (Mishneh Torah)

Book 8, The Book of Temple Service

Translated by Mendell Lewittes

This translation of the Eighth Book of the Code of Maimonides describes the architectural form of King Solomon’s Temple and the sacrificial worship conducted by the ancient priesthood.  The temple service and priestly...

September 10, 1957, Cloth, $85.00

The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 1

Volume 1: Freedom of the Will

Jonathan Edwards; Edited by Paul Ramsey

This inaugural volume in The Works of Jonathan Edwards is his major contribution to theology and stands as a leading document on Calvinist thought.  Mr. Ramsey’s introduction provides a fresh analysis of Edwards’...

September 10, 1957, Cloth, $125.00

The Yale Editions of Horace Walpole's Correspondence, Volume 28

With William Mason, I

Horace Walpole; Edited by W. S. Lewis

September 10, 1955, Cloth, $85.00

Volume 29

With William Mason, II

Horace Walpole

September 10, 1955, Cloth, $80.00