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Sun Yat-Sen

Volume Four, Supplementary Reading Series for Intermediate Chinese Reader.

Yung Teng Chia-yee

This book tells the story of Sun Yat-Sen, the founder of the Chinese Republic. It is the fourth volume designed to supplement the Intermediate Chinese Reader by John DeFrancis. The text is presented in simplified characters,...

March 11, 1980, Paper, $16.00

Three Medieval Views of Women

"La Contenance des Fames," "Le Bien des Fames," "Le Blasme des Fames"

Edited by Gloria K. Fiero, Wendy Pfeffer, and Mathé Allain

This bilingual edition of three French poems dating from the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries contains two poems that assail the vices of women and a third that lists women's virtues. The lively and amusing...

September 10, 1989, Paper, $16.00

Which Road to the Past?

Two Views of History

Robert Fogel and Geoffrey Elton

Two distinguished historians, one an advocate of the new scientific or “cliometric” history and the other a traditional historian, debate the validity of their respective methods of studying the past.  While they differ...

September 10, 1984, Paper, $16.00

The Cuckoo

Peter Streckfus; Foreword by Louise Glück

Announcing the 2003 recipient of the oldest annual literary prize in North America The winner of the 2003 Yale Series of Younger Poets competition is Peter Streckfus’s The Cuckoo, chosen by...

March 11, 2004, Paper, $16.00

Famous Americans

Loren Goodman; Foreword by W. S. Merwin

This year’s winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets competition is Loren Goodman’s Famous Americans. Hilarious, eclectic, and bizarre, this collection takes the reader on a rollercoaster of a ride...

March 11, 2003, Paper, $16.00

Elementary Particles

Enrico Fermi

Enrico Fermi, winner of the Nobel Prize for research in neutron physics, makes accessible to the general student of physics the most significant results of the field theories of elementary particles, emphasizing simple, semi...

March 11, 1951, Paper, $16.00

Mankind Evolving

The Evolution of the Human Species

Theodosius Dobzhansky

The Silliman Lectures at Yale University have been responsible for many books which have greatly influenced the progress of scientific work in the twentieth century.  One of the foremost scientists of our time,...

March 11, 1962, Paper, $16.00

Birth Power

The Case for Surrogacy

Carmel Shalev

In this book a feminist lawyer argues in favor of surrogate motherhood, contending that the law must treat women who choose to become surrogates as autonomous parties to a binding contract. To do otherwise, says Carmel...

July 24, 1991, Paper, $16.00


Eugene O´Neill

In this previously unpublished work Eugene O'Neill returned to an earlier form with which he had experimented—the one-act play. Only two characters appear on stage; Hughie, the third and most important on, is dead. It is...

September 10, 1982, Paper, $16.00

The Ethics of Fetal Research

Paul Ramsey

“So here we have an entity too alive to be dead, not mature enough to be a viable baby, yet human enough to be specially protectable.”  -- Paul Ramsey  A storm has been brewing over legal and ethical...

March 1, 1975, Paper, $16.00