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The Cost of Free Money

How Unfettered Capital Threatens Our Economic Future

Paola Subacchi

A penetrating account of how unchecked capital mobility is damaging international cooperation, polarizing the economic landscape, and ultimately reshaping the global order When it comes to the afflictions...

September 15, 2020, Hardcover, $30.00

The Bloomsbury Look

Wendy Hitchmough

An in-depth study of how the famed Bloomsbury Group expressed their liberal philosophies and collective identity in visual form“[Fascinating and wide-ranging. . . . Will be enjoyed by both Bloomsbury...

October 20, 2020, Hardcover, $40.00

Hitler’s Jewish Refugees

Hope and Anxiety in Portugal

Marion Kaplan

An award-winning historian presents an emotional history of Jewish refugees biding their time in Portugal as they attempt to escape Nazi Europe This riveting book describes the dramatic experiences of...

January 7, 2020, Hardcover, $45.00

Groucho Marx

The Comedy of Existence

Lee Siegel

A trenchant examination of an iconic American figure that explores the cultural and psychological roots of his comic genius Born Julius Marx in 1890, the brilliant comic actor who would later be known as...

February 26, 2019, Paper, $16.00

Having the Spirit of Christ

Spirit Possession and Exorcism in the Early Christ Groups

Giovanni B. Bazzana

A provocative reinterpretation of accounts of spirit possession and exorcism in early Christianity The earliest Christian writings are filled with stories of possession and exorcism, which were crucial for...

January 7, 2020, Hardcover, $65.00

The Volga

A History

Janet M. Hartley

The longest river in Europe, the Volga stretches over three and a half thousand km from the heart of Russia to the Caspian Sea, separating west from east. The river has played a crucial role in the history of the peoples who...

February 2, 2021, Hardcover, $35.00

Sons of the Waves

The Common Seaman in the Heroic Age of Sail

Stephen Taylor

A brilliant telling of the history of the common seaman in the age of sail, and his role in Britain’s trade, exploration, and warfare“No other book resurrects the wooden world of Jack Tar in such...

May 19, 2020, Hardcover, $30.00

Going There

Black Visual Satire

Richard J. Powell

A kaleidoscopic survey of black satire in 20th- and 21st-century American art In this groundbreaking study, Richard J. Powell investigates the visual forms of satire produced by black artists in 20th- and...

November 3, 2020, Hardcover, $50.00
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After Democracy

Imagining Our Political Future

Zizi Papacharissi

Democracy has long been considered an ideal state of governance. What if it’s not? Perhaps it is not the end goal but, rather, a transition stage to something better. Drawing on original interviews conducted with citizens of more than...

February 9, 2021, Hardcover, $26.00

The Art of Paper

From the Holy Land to the Americas

Caroline Fowler

The untold story of how paper revolutionized art making during the Renaissance, exploring how it shaped broader concepts of authorship, memory, and the transmission of ideas over the course of three centuries

November 12, 2019, Hardcover, $45.00
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