Spring 2023: Art and Architecture

Catalogue Collections

Karl Lagerfeld

A Line of Beauty

Andrew Bolton, Tadao Ando, Amanda Harlech, Mellissa Huber, Kai Marcel, Loic Prigent


The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

Rafael Schacter, Lachlan MacDowall, John Fekner


The Art of Colour

The History of Art in 39 Pigments

Kelly Grovier


Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Memory Map

Laura Phipps, Neal Ambrose-Smith, Andrea Carlson, Lou Cornum, Alicia Harris, Richard William Hill, Candice Hopkins, Josie M Lopez, Larry McNeil Xhe Dhé Tee Harbor Jackson, Larissa Nez, Patricia Marroquin Norby, Lowery Stokes Sims, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Gail Tremblay, Elizabeth Woody



The Textiles

Geoffrey Rayner, Richard Chamberlain


The Art of Walking

A History in 100 Images

William Chapman Sharpe


A Dark, A Light, A Bright

The Designs of Dorothy Liebes

Alexa Griffith Winton, Susan Brown, Leigh Wishner, Erica Warren, John Stuart Gordon, Monica Penick, Emily M Orr


About Architecture

An Essential Guide in 55 Buildings

Hugh Pearman


Van Gogh and the Avant-Garde

Along the Seine

Bregje Gerritse, Jacquelyn N Coutre, Jena K Carvana, Charlotte Hellman, Joost van der Hoeven, Francois Lespinasse, Teio Meedendorp, Richard Thomson


Saint Francis of Assisi

Gabriele Finaldi, Joost Joustra, Susanna Avery-Quash, Ayla Lepine, Laura Llewellyn, Daniel Ralston, Jennifer Sliwka, André Vauchez


Van Gogh's Cypresses

Susan Alyson Stein, Charlotte Hale, Silvia Centeno, Alison Hokanson, Marina Kliger


After Impressionism

Inventing Modern Art

MaryAnne Stevens, Maria Alambritis, Julien Domercq, Charlotte de Mille, John Milner, Daniel Ralston, Christopher Riopelle, Camilla Smith, Sabine Wieber


Cecily Brown

Death and the Maid

Ian Alteveer, Adam Eaker



The Shape of Time

Maia Nuku


Louise Nevelson's Sculpture

Drag, Color, Join, Face

Julia Bryan-Wilson


The Sassoons

Esther da Costa Meyer, Claudia J. Nahson



Sketching in Clay

C. D. Dickerson, Emerson Bowyer, Anthony Sigel, Elyse Nelson


William Edmondson

James Claiborne, Nancy Ireson, Brendan Fernandes, Leslie King Hammond, Christina Knight, Kelli Morgan


Juan de Pareja

An Afro-Hispanic Painter in the Age of Velazquez

David Pullins, Vanessa K. Valdes, Luis Mendez Rodriguez, Erin Kathleen Rowe


Ellsworth Kelly

Portrait Drawings

Kevin Salatino, Jordan Carter, Richard Meyer, Susan Tallman, Jack Shear


Beyond the Light

Identity and Place in Nineteenth-Century Danish Art

Freyda Spira, Stephanie Schrader, Thomas Lederballe, Karina Lykke Grand, Gry Hedin


Tree and Serpent

Early Buddhist Art in India

John Guy


How to Read European Decorative Arts

Daniëlle O. Kisluk-Grosheide


Edvard Munch

Trembling Earth

Jay A. Clarke, Trine Otte Bak Nielsen, Jill Lloyd-Peppiatt, Ali Smith, Arne Johan Vetlesen


The Private Universe of James Castle

Drawings from the William Louis-Dreyfus Foundation and the James Castle Collection and Archive

Larry J. Feinberg


Near East to Far West

Fictions of French and American Colonialism

Jennifer R. Henneman, Jacob Rama Berman, Emily C Burns, Betsy Fahlman, Richard V. Francaviglia, Christine Garnier, Danielle Haque, Molly Medakovich, Jennifer Olmsted, Jennifer Sessions, Scott Manning Stevens, Robert Warrior, Marie A. Watkins


American Watercolors, 1880-1990

Into the Light

Joachim Homann, Margaret Morgan Grasselli, Miriam Stewart, Horace Ballard, Elisa Germán, Penley Knipe, Richard Tuttle


Josh Kline

Project for a New American Century

Christopher Y. Lew, Nora N Kahn, Ed Halter, Josh Kline, Laura Poitras


Lygia Pape


Mark Pascale, Adele Nelson, Maria Cristina Rivera Ramos


Artful Subversion

Empress Dowager Cixi's Image Making

Ying-chen Peng


The Art Institute of Chicago Field Guide to Photography and Media

Antawan I Byrd, Elizabeth Siegel, Carl Fuldner, Matthew S. Witkovsky


Chryssa & New York

Sophia Larigakis, Michelle White, Megan Holly Witko


Amongst the Ruins

Why Civilizations Collapse and Communities Disappear

John Darlington


The Ugly Duchess

Beauty and Satire in the Renaissance

Emma Capron, Martin Clayton, Charlotte Wytema


Reflection on Color

Carlos Cruz-Diez


Untimely Moderns

How Twentieth-Century Architecture Reimagined the Past

Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen



Weaving the Space in Between

Monica Amor


Stephen Burks

Shelter in Place

Monica Obniski, Glenn Adamson, Beatrice Galilee, bell hooks, Stephen Burks, Michelle Joan Wilksinson, Patricia Urquiola


Art of Japan

Highlights from the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Felice Fischer, Kyoko Kinoshita


Abstract Bodies

Sixties Sculpture in the Expanded Field of Gender

David J. Getsy


The Trees of the Cross

Wood as Subject and Medium in the Art of Late Medieval Germany

Gregory C. Bryda


Bruegel and Beyond

Netherlandish Drawings in the Royal Library of Belgium, 1500-1800

Daan van Heesch, Sarah Van Ooteghem, Joris Van Grieken



The Visionary Architecture of Paul Goesch

Robert Wiesenberger, Raphael Koenig


Jeff Wall

Catalogue Raisonne 2005-2021

Gary Dufour, Jean-Francois Chevrier, Thierry de Duve, David Campany


Tudor Liveliness

Vivid Art in Post-Reformation England

Christina J Faraday


Sue Williamson and Lebohang Kganye

Tell Me What You Remember

Emma Lewis, Lebohang Kganye, Sindiwe Magona, Portia Malatjie, Nkgopoleng Moloi, Sue Williamson


Lauren Halsey

The Roof Garden Commission

Abraham Thomas, Lauren Halsey, Douglas Kearney


The Rainbow's Gravity

Colour, Materiality and British Modernity

Kirsty Sinclair Dootson


Artists We've Known

Selected works from the Walter Hopps and Caroline Huber Collection

Clare Elliott


American Art

Selections from the Yale University Art Gallery

John Stuart Gordon, Patricia E. Kane, Mark D. Mitchell


Black Modernisms in the Transatlantic World

Steven Nelson, Huey Copeland


The Environment and Ecology in Islamic Art and Culture

Radha Dalal, Sean Roberts, Jochen Sokoly


Annals and Antiquities of Rajast’han

James Tod, Norbert Peabody, Brian Cannon, Ramya Sreenivasan


Lawrence Abu Hamdan: Air Pressure (A Diary of the Sky)

The Future Fields Commission in Time-Based Media

Irene Calderoni, Amanda Sroka, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Marina Peterson, Ghalya Saadawi


Angel Vergara

In an Instant

Denis Gielen, Jerome Andre, Nicolas Bourriaud, Philippe Van Cauteren, Michelon Olivier


Philip Aguirre y Otegui: L’invitation au voyage

Works on Paper

Iris Kockelbergh, Simon Njami



Past Futures

Arnaud Quertinmont, Nicolas Amoroso, Edwin Nasr, Rifky Sarah


Unmaking the East India Company

British Art and Political Reform in Colonial India, c. 1813-1858

Tom Young


Futurism and Europe

The Aesthetics of a New World

Fabio Benzi, Renske Cohen Tervaert


Pierre Culot

Anne Bony, Tyas Matthew


Bill Viola

Love/Death - The Tristan Project

Kira Perov, Peter Sellars, Mark Swed, Gerard Mortier, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Bill Viola


Virginia Jaramillo

Principle of Equivalence

Erin Dziedzic, Matthew Jeffrey Abrams, Barbara Calderon, Elizabeth Kirsch, Courtney J. Martin



An Ecocritical Dictionary for Art History

Alan C. Braddock


Fashion at the Edge

Spectacle, Modernity, and Deathliness

Caroline Evans