Spring 2023: General Interest

Traders in Men

Merchants and the Transformation of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Nicholas Radburn



A Global History

Peter Burke


The Coming of the Railway

A New Global History, 1750-1850

David Gwyn


Atlas of the Senseable City

Antoine Picon, Carlo Ratti


Theoderic the Great

King of Goths, Ruler of Romans

Hans-Ulrich Wiemer, John Noel Dillon


The Secret Gospel of Mark

A Controversial Scholar, a Scandalous Gospel of Jesus, and the Fierce Debate over Its Authenticity

Geoffrey S. Smith, Brent C. Landau


A Map of Longings

The Life and Works of Agha Shahid Ali

Manan Kapoor


China’s Law of the Sea

The New Rules of Maritime Order

Isaac B. Kardon



A Musical Wayfarer

Lorraine Byrne Bodley


A Darkly Radiant Vision

The Black Social Gospel in the Shadow of MLK

Gary Dorrien


In the Herbarium

The Hidden World of Collecting and Preserving Plants

Maura C. Flannery



The Material History of an Idea

Daniel Jutte


Martin Heidegger's Changing Destinies

Catholicism, Revolution, Nazism

Guillaume Payen, Jane Marie Todd, Steven Rendall


The Lost Peace

How the West Failed to Prevent a Second Cold War

Richard Sakwa


The Throne of the Great Mogul in Dresden

The Ultimate Artwork of the Baroque

Dror Wahrman


Less Heat, More Light

A Guided Tour of Weather, Climate, and Climate Change

John D. Aber


The Syriac World

In Search of a Forgotten Christianity

Francoise Briquel Chatonnet, Muriel Debie, Jeffrey Haines


The Two Moralities

Conservatives, Liberals, and the Roots of Our Political Divide

Ronnie Janoff-Bulman


Love for the Land

Lessons from Farmers Who Persist in Place

Brooks Lamb


Tudor Children

Nicholas Orme


Asylum between Nations

Refugees in a Revolutionary Era

Janet Polasky


The Lost Future

And How to Reclaim It

Jan Zielonka



The Royal Navy and the Age of Revolutions

James Davey


The Stories Old Towns Tell

A Journey through Cities at the Heart of Europe

Marek Kohn



The Revolutionary who Lost his Head for Marie Antoinette

John Hardman


Henry III

Reform, Rebellion, Civil War, Settlement, 1258-1272

David Carpenter